Call for Stories: Innovations in Digital Strategy

Share Your Story with Your Peers!

SHSMD is collecting stories about successful innovations in digital strategy, some of which will be selected for a session to be held at SHSMD Connections in Nashville, TN, September 8-11, 2019. Stories not presented at conference may be selected to be featured in a SHSMD Spectrum newsletter article, blog or other media.

Please share your stories by completing this survey no later than June 15, 2019.

The story should clearly feature a project in which the strategy team member(s) played a large role in digital innovation.  As one of the biggest trends in the field, digital strategies encompass virtually every aspect of health care delivery, strategic planning, business development, marketing, communications, public relations and communications.

Innovations in digital strategies can encompass engagement, customization and personalization, data collection and analysis, referral management and in-network retention, collaboration with community partners and increasing access to underserved areas, including telehealth.

This is your opportunity to showcase the value you and/or your team have brought to the digital strategy of your organization.

If you’re interested, please take about eight minutes to share your story details with us
NOTE: It is recommended that this downloadable form be used to conduct any pre-work before completing the online nomination form.

Any questions? Please contact Ann Feeney at 312-422-3731 or by email