October 7–10

Washington State Convention Center

Deadline Extended! Call for Stories

Insights to Value: How Health Care Organizations Are Making a Difference in Their Communities

Do you have a story to share?

Every innovation in creating value and increasing affordability has a great story and great data behind it. SHSMD invites you to tell your story through a new annual focused content initiative titled, “Insights to Value: Stories about How Health Care Organizations Are Making a Difference in Their Communities.”

In today’s environment, value is key to caring for the patients and populations you serve. That’s why we’re taking this year’s theme from The Value Initiative, AHA’s efforts to address affordability and value, to provide you with an opportunity to share stories with fellow SHSMD members highlighting how your hospital has contributed to creating value in health care. For example, has your hospital or health system successfully:

  • Developed strategies to advance value-based care;
  • Created communications strategies that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices;
  • Developed marketing or communications materials that increase pricing transparency;
  • Promoted telehealth as a way to make it easier to receive health care;
  • Developed strategies to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs;  
  • Addressed issues related to social determinants of health?

If so, we encourage you to participate in this exciting new SHSMD initiative. We are especially interested in stories that highlight the role health care strategic planners, business developers, marketers, and public relations/communications professionals play in creating value.

New format!
Building on the success of the previous “Storyboard Showcase,” we’re introducing a new format in which selected presenters will be invited to tell their stories and share important content in a variety of mediums throughout the year, including:

  • A “rapid-fire” educational session at the SHSMD Connections annual conference.
  • Infographics and listicles to be posted on the SHSMD Connections annual conference app and website and on SHSMD’s social media platforms.
  • Articles in SHSMD’s Spectrum member newsletter.
  • Posts on SHSMD’s Viewpoint blog.
  • Webcasts for SHSMD U.

Selected stories and content may also be distributed to AHA colleagues through The Value Initiative to help hospitals and health systems across the country better serve their communities and be the change agents and problem solvers that health care needs.

To apply, please click here for the survey form and submit by the extended deadline, July 20.