October 7–10

Washington State Convention Center

Executive Dialogue

The New Standard for Market Relevance: Mergers, Partnerships, Scale, and Other Strategies for Developing the Indispensable Health Network

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6 | 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Join this intimate gathering of strategic leaders for an in-depth, collaborative exploration of market relevance in a changing environment.

Rating Health Care Organizations in Today’s Market
In today’s disruptive market, nontraditional arrangements abound – whether it is CVS’s acquisition of Aetna; UnitedHealth’s purchase of DaVita Medical Group; or the teaming of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan. How might these partnerships impact the evaluation of health systems? As organizations are advancing their own capabilities, what will matter most in bond ratings—is it about partnerships, covered lives, revenue, scale? How do rating agencies evaluate your organization’s strategic direction and how may that impact bond ratings? Explore the implications of these partnerships on health systems, physicians, and communities.

  • Ken Gacka, Senior Director and Analytical Manager, Healthcare Ratings, S&P Global

Provider Organization Alignment: Selecting the Right Partner. Realizing the Promise of Integration.  
When does increased scale yield increased market relevance and what are some leading approaches to establishing right-fit partnerships? Hear from three health care executives on how they are maximizing the full benefit of their organizations’ size, scale, and integration to achieve “systemness.” Plus, gain insight into the role of the strategy office in leading market analyses, strategic alignment and integration, and change management.

  • Ruth Colby, President and CEO, Silver Cross Hospital
  • Scott Gregerson, President, Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare
  • Jeffrey Kraut, Executive Vice President for Strategy and Analytics, Northwell Health; Associate Dean for Strategy, Zucker School of Medicine

The Payer-Provider Partnership: Lessons from Tufts
Betting on a continued shift to value-based reimbursement, health systems across the country are increasingly pursuing alignment with third-party payers. These include mergers with large payer/provider organizations, creating provider-sponsored health plans, ACOs, narrow networks, and other network arrangements. Explore these and other examples of payer-provider alignment and the unique market forces that are driving them.

  • Derek Abruzzese, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Tufts Health Plan

Partnering in New Ways: New Market Entrants
How do health care organizations strengthen their market relevance in a world with new disruptors, market entrants, and unique non-traditional partnerships? Provider organizations do not have the skills, resources, or solutions to build or buy every capability required for the future health care marketplace. Further, the capabilities required in the future are vastly different—what will be needed to extend your reach and impact on the health of the communities you serve? Digital solutions can frame relationships with other organizations in different markets and with different core businesses, such as social service organizations, housing providers, and employers. How do organizations create the platform for change so that they can deploy capital in a new way, creating new partnerships with providers, patients, and consumers? Discover structuring the relationships for maximum value and managing the pace of change.

The dialogue will be facilitated by Burl Stamp, FACHE, President/Founder, Stamp & Chase, Inc.

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