October 7–10

Washington State Convention Center

Keynote | Erik Wahl

The Art of Vision®

Erik Wahl is an American graffiti artist, speed-painter, author, forensic creativity scientist, and entrepreneur.

Tuesday, October 9, 12:20–1:40 p.m.
Disruption is the new normal. Are you creating or reacting? The best sustainable edge in business is the ability to differentiate yourself from your competition. Through this entertaining and highly practical program, we will uncover new ways to make your organization more creative, innovative and profitable, and help you and your team to become better storytellers for your company and industry.

Successful leaders of tomorrow can shed old ways of thinking and “business as usual” processes and build an emotional connection to drive future employee engagement, taking them beyond their traditional thought patterns and habitual levels of performance. By embracing change, leaders can help their organization work smarter, not harder, sustain excellence in a changing economy, and leverage chaos to capitalize on opportunities

By embracing innovative strategies, professionals at all levels can achieve superior levels of performance by creatively and visibly differentiating themselves from the competition. No matter what kind of organization you have—from a small company to a large corporation—employees at all levels will better able to embrace the future by becoming more innovative, more productive and ultimately more profitable. Understand how you can help your organization create a structure for innovation to ignite ideas to action.

Twitter: @ErikWahl

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