October 7–10

Washington State Convention Center

Keynote | Christi Zuber

Empowering Change Agents Through Design

Christi Zuber, PhD, RN is an international leader in health care innovation

Tuesday, October 9, 3:05–4:20 p.m.
Change occurs all around us every day, it’s inevitable. Change needs to happen to stay relevant, ignite growth, and propel organizations to thrive. Still, being a catalyst for change within our organizations is not always natural, nor does it always come easy.

Join your peers in a facilitated dialogue and learn a new approach on how you can lead change through proven human-centered design approaches that are grounded in purpose and connection. You will share your ideas and problem-solve together, as the best learning often comes from each other. You will leave inspired, with a better understanding of yourself and how to better empower you and your teams to lead change and make an impact in your organization.

Using a design thinking approach, you will jointly create tangible take-aways that you can bring back to your teams after the conference. This is your opportunity to connect and share with your peers. Don’t miss out!

Christi Zuber PhD, RN is internationally recognized for her trail-blazing work in the field of innovation and human centered design. She founded Kaiser Permanente’s first innovation and design function called the Innovation Consultancy which she led for 12 years. The group created solutions that were considered best practice across the industry and helped lead the 210,000 person organization into Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Company” list. Last year she left the organization to create a new human-centered innovation consulting and research practice called Aspen Labs. In it’s 4th year of operations, she also created an international network of creative design leaders and academic researchers called the Design Thinking Exchange (DTX) that crosses over 15 prestigious cross-industry organizations such as IBM, P&G and Fidelity and over 10 academic institutions. Zuber has two decades of experience leading teams and co-creating with users in the field to develop solutions that work. The work of Zuber and her teammates have been touted by the likes of the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and the New York Times. In her research and publications, she focuses on the secret sauce for change agents who have been successful in bringing Human Centered Design into large complex organizations that may not be so keen to change.

Twitter: @czuber

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