Healthcare Entrepreneurship: Strategies for Bringing an Idea to Market

Healthcare Entrepreneurship: Strategies for Bringing an Idea to Market
March 20–31, 2017

*Live webcast dates, all noon–1 pm CT:
Monday, March 20 | Friday, March 24 | Monday, March 27 | Friday, March 31
Course will remain open through April 7 to complete all course requirements.
*All webcasts will be recorded and available to watch in case you are not able to attend the live webcast.


SHSMD is excited to offer this new course, taught by faculty from the Isenberg School of Management - UMass Amherst, who are experts in the field of entrepreneurship. In this course, they will be sharing how to apply innovation and entrepreneurial strategies to healthcare.

Skyrocketing costs and ongoing changes in healthcare policy, technology and industry culture are driving disruptive entrepreneurship. Organizations need to be agile, evaluate opportunities and bring their innovative idea to market. Understanding the steps necessary to organize a business and obtain the necessary financing are two of the essential tasks that entrepreneurs encounter. They need to decide the legal form of the business, where to incorporate, and choose a name that conveys the right message to the marketplace. All businesses (or groups within a business) must obtain funding, a daunting task for both entrepreneurs and corporate managers. Even if an entrepreneur is able to attract the interest of an investor, he or she often lacks an understanding of what terms are appropriate, how to get the deal done and, how to develop an organizational structure and control systems that maximize commercial success. This seminar will demystify these challenges.

Three learning objectives/key take-aways from the course:

  • The role of entrepreneurship in healthcare and formulation of innovation strategies.
  • How to form the business and bring an idea to market
  • How to fund the business, negotiate with investors and partners.

Charles J. Johnson
Following a 32 year career as a business lawyer in Boston where he represented startup and emerging companies as well as venture capital and private equity firms, including many that operated in the health care and medical device sectors, Charlie Johnson joined the full time faculty at the Isenberg School of Management - UMass Amherst in September 2015 where he teaches courses in entrepreneurship and helps to direct the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship. Charlie is a graduate of Trinity College and the University of Virginia School of Law.

Shirley Shmerling, Ph.D.
Shirley Shmerling is a full time faculty of the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. For over ten years she has been teaching a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of Strategic Information Management, Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, Operations Management and Quality Management both in face-to-face and online formats. Her experience and expertise are in developing strategies for incorporating technology and analytics into business processes and operations. In addition to teaching, Shirley is a partner in a consulting firm that advises entrepreneurs and small businesses in the area of strategy, operations, technology, and the development of new services. Shirley holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science (B.Sc., Israel Institute of Technology), a M.Sc. in Operations Research and System Analysis (M.Sc., Israel Institute of Technology) and a Ph.D. in Management Science (UMASS, Amherst)