The New Data Landscape in Health Care: Advanced Analytics for Strategists

August 6–September 28, 2018
24/7 access

Due to high demand and great feedback, SHSMD is excited to once again offer this credential series targeting our intermediate and senior level strategic planners working in hospitals/health systems. This series is not intended for consultants/vendors.

This series includes expert faculty who will present on four key topics around data analytics. Each module will include live webcasts, discussion board questions, application assignments, and access to additional resources, tools, and reports. Completion of all assignments and successfully passing the final exam will result in SHSMD ADVANCE™ Credential: Advanced Analytics for Health Care Strategists.

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Past respondent feedback:

"Thank you for everything! I found this course to be very helpful and I feel I learned a lot from the presenters and interactive discussions with my colleagues."

"This is exactly the course I was looking for to advance my skills as a strategic planner. Thank you for a job well done."

"Great variety of presenters and viewpoints!"

Module 1: New and Emerging Data Sets

Part 1: Webcast Monday, August 6, Noon CENTRAL | Dr. William Disch, Ph.D, Director of Analytics, Evariant
In this comprehensive training session, we’ll discuss the past, present, and future of data. Learn how to leverage third party data, such as consumer digital behavior and claims data, to make the most of your existing clinical and financial data. In this session, we will explore opportunities for strategic planning and marketing programs, as well as understand data usage rights.

Part 2: Webcast Monday, August 13, Noon CENTRAL | Presenters: Shay Pratt, Executive Director Research and Insights and David Vuletich, Senior Consultant with The Advisory Board
The role of strategic planning has evolved from decision support to decision leadership. As the data needs of health systems expand, strategic planners will be asked by their leadership team to draw meaningful insights from a growing cache of market data. Strategic planners must make sure their market assessments do not simply report market conditions, but actively surface the best growth opportunities and identify the strongest response to emerging market disruptions. We will identify new approaches to modernizing market assessments and highlight new analyses for making them more actionable.


Module 2: Changing Landscape of Inpatient and Ambulatory World

Part 1: Webcast Monday, August 20, Noon CENTRAL | Presenters: Joy Henderson, National Directory Planning Solutions and Susan Shamoun, MPH, Product Manager, Planning Solutions with Truven Health Analytics, an IBM Company
Advances in technology, consumer preference and price transparency are all continuing to drive inpatient volume to the outpatient setting. Hospitals will need to plan facilities and resources in the appropriate setting to keep pace with this changing demand. By analyzing claims from one of the largest commercial claims databases available, Truven Health Analytics will answer the following questions and more to help you meet the needs of a continuously changing health care environment.

Part 2: Webcast Wednesday, August 22, Noon CENTRAL | Presenter: Bill Laughlin, Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche; Nick Massiello, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting; and Jeff Burke, Manager, Deloitte Consulting
Learn Deloitte’s strategic perspective on how to look at the macro drivers of shift to outpatient from a competitive, technological, and payment model perspective. Included will be a series of pithy charts/outputs of the models/analyses.


Module 3: Rapid, Market-Specific Strategic Decision Making

Webcasts Monday, August 27 and Wednesday, August 29, Noon CENTRAL | Presenters: Ryan Inlow, Associate Vice President of Strategic Analytics with Sg2 and a provider-based speaker TBD
Often organizations get bogged down in the mire of analysis paralysis, incessant stakeholder buy in meetings, a “shiny object” approach to prioritization and/or cookie cutter strategies across markets. Sg2, along with a provided based presenter will provide insight to help you make strategic decisions quickly, based upon unique market factors and national health care trends.

Module 4: Data Visualization and Storytelling

Part 1: Webcast Monday, September 10, Noon CENTRAL | Presenters: Lee Ann Lambdin, SVP of Healthcare Strategy, Stratasan and Kelly Meigs, Director of Marketing and PR, Tanner Health System
We will use a case study to demonstrate how to use Business Intelligence (BI) and geographic information system (GIS) tools to effectively build a strategic growth plan. First we’ll discover the right service line opportunities. Once the strategic opportunities have been identified, there are strategies that can be identified using BI and GIS, such as micro-market opportunities, physician strategies, and FSED development. Once illustrating how BI & GIS tools can be utilized to visualize data and draw meaningful insights, we will build a narrative suitable for presentation to upper management or a Board of Directors for your strategic growth initiatives.

Part 2: Webcast Monday, September 17, Noon CENTRAL | Presenter: Andrea Simon, Simon Associates Management Consultants

In this module we are concerned less about the “what” you find in the data and more about the “why.” This module is about how to conceptualize the meaning of the data and information so you have relevant insights that resonate with your audiences. It is important to understand how the brain takes data and converts it into stories to make sense of it, enable it to be visualized, and allows it to be shared among others. Further, there are different types of story themes that are important to think about as you frame the data into a story. For health care strategists, the importance of this module is in how we build visualizations and stories out of the data and information; which themes might work best; how to visually communicate them throughout your organization.


Each module will include live webcasts, discussion board questions, application assignments, and access to additional resources, tools, and reports. Completion of all assignments and successfully passing the final exam will result in a SHSMD ADVANCE™ Credential: Advanced Analytics for Health Care Strategists.


Schedule of live webcasts (all webcasts will be recorded and available to access 24/7):
Webcasts held from noon1pm Central (12pm Eastern, 11–noon Mountain, 1011am Pacific)

Module 1:
Monday, August 6 (Part 1)
Monday, August 13 (Part 2)

Module 2:
Monday, August 20 (Part 1)
Wednesday, August 20 (Part 2)

Module 3:
Monday, August 27 (Part 1)
Wednesday, August 29 (Part 2)

Week Break: July 3–7

Module 4:

Monday, September 10 (Part 1)
Monday, September 17 (Part 2)

September 24–28
Complete final exam and any remaining course assignments.