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April 4 Leverage Market Analytics to Gain Loyalty and Engage Patients
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast*
March 28 Marketing Metrics that Matter: How to Present Analytics that Speak the C-Suite's Language
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast*
March 15 Creating a Strategic Planning Process that Drives Future Success
SHSMD U Webcast
February 22 How to Make an Online Physician Ratings and Reviews Program a Reality
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast*
February 8 The Building Blocks of Transformation: An Inside Look at the Future of Healthcare
SHSMD U Webcast
January 10 Positioning Your Hospital for Success in a Bundled Payment Environment
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast*

December 12 Social Media Policies: Ensuring Compliance with HIPAA Rules
SHSMD U Webcast
November 15
Assessing and Learning from Patient Experience on 15 Leading System's Websites
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast*
October 19
Marketing’s Secret Weapon for Improved Patient Engagement
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast*
August 10
The Five Ps of Consumerized Healthcare: Converting Challenges into Opportunities
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast*
July 27 Attract and Acquire More Patients: How to Improve Campaign Effectiveness
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
June 22
Creative Affiliations for Success in Healthcare’s New Era, Revisited: An Interview with Raymond Grahe
SHSMD U Webcast
June 8
The Next Evolution of Business Intelligence
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
June 2 Core Metrics for Measuring Marketing’s Financial Performance
SHSMD U Webcast
May 18 How Healthcare Providers Can Lead the Empowered Patient
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
April 13 Does Healthcare Marketing Really Matter?
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
March 17
Aligning Marketing and Business Development: Doubling Your Outreach Success
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
February 23
Hitting the Referral Growth Powerball
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
February 16 Got Change? An Inside Look at Future Transformations in Healthcare
SHSMD U Webcast
January 20
Health Observances in Action: Successful Case Examples (Breast Cancer, Autism and Heart Health Awareness Months)
SHSMD U Webcast
January 12 Integrated Leadership for Hospitals and Health Systems: Principles for Success
Physician Leadership Forum and American Medical Association Webinar

November 17 Turning Big Data into Practical Data: Marketing’s Guide to Improving Strategy with Data-Driven Planning
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
October 7 How We Use Big Data Analytics to Create Customer and Patient Intimacy
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
September 23 Your Brand and Marketing Structure Is Broken: Rebuilding Capabilities for the Modern Healthcare World
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
September 16 Using Social Media in Your Hospital or Health System: What You Need to Know
SHSMD U and AHA Webcast
August 12 Acing the Test: Taking Digital Strategy to the Next Level
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
July 22 Successful Hospital Advertising Campaigns
SHSMD U Webcast
June 29 Highlights of the SHSMD Thought Leader Forum - Redefining the ‘H’: How Health Systems Must Evolve to Grow and Thrive
SHSMD U Webcast
June 10
Driving Relevance, Timeliness, and Quality in Your Marketing Communications
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
May 20 Trends in Patient Experience Solutions and the Value of Adopting Innovative Technology
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
April 29 Physician Relations Programs in Hospitals 2014: A SHSMD Benchmarking Study
SHSMD U Webcast
April 21 Understanding Predictive Models in Healthcare: Using Data, Science and Actionable Models to Drive Campaign Outcomes
SHSMD U Sponsored Webcast *
February 4 Futurescan 2015: Healthcare's Intel Moment
SHSMD U Webcast
January 27 Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Health Care Strategist
HPOE + SHSMD Webinar


December 8, 2014 Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Healthcare Strategist
Presented by David Grandy, Holli Salls, and Ruth Padilla
October 29, 2014
Improving the Patient Financial Experience: Price Transparency and Beyond
Presented by Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA
July 30, 2014 How Strategy Professionals Can Help Advance Patient Engagement
Presented by Sue Collier and Burl Stamp
April 30, 2014 Leveraging Content Marketing to Drive Growth
Presented by Chris Bevolo
February 26, 2014
Thought Leader Forum Pearls of Wisdom
Presented by Kathy Oswald, Peter Brumleve, and Ryan Gish
February 5, 2014 Journey to Enlightenment: Exploring Futurescan 2014
Presented by Don Seymour
January 29, 2014
A Look Inside SHSMD’s New By the Numbers Benchmarking Report
Presented by Cheryl Stone

December 18, 2013 Population Health Series
Blue Zones: Communities that Live Longer, Healthier, and Happier
Presented by Dan Buettner
December 4, 2013
Making the Future: Why Healthcare Needs Design Thinkers
Presented by David Grandy
September 11, 2013 Practice Strength: Tested Marketing Ideas for Physician Practices
Presented by Eric Fletcher and Amy Avery
June 26, 2013 10 Secrets to Creating a Culture of Execution and Accountability
Presented by Scott Regan
February 13, 2013 Futurescan 2013: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Presented by Don Seymour


June 20, 2012 Corporate Culture: The Business Imperative
Presented by Jonathan Goble
April 11, 2012
The Six Biggest Reasons Why Your Strategic Plan Will Fail
Presented by Scott Regan
February 21, 2012
Massachusetts Healthcare Reform: 5 Years Later
Presented by Don Seymour and Christine Gallery
January 25, 2012
From Tracking Tool to Strategic Asset: Getting the Most Out of Your CRM System
Presented by Nancy Cadena Williams


December 8, 2011 Moving from "What Was" to "What Will Be": Preparing for the Future of Healthcare
Presented by Jennifer Marshall
October 12, 2011 Beyond ACOs: Strategies for Achieving Better Outcomes at Lower Cost
Presented by Stephen Rothenberg
May 11, 2011 Using Scenario Planning to Manage Through Uncertain Times
Presented by Ryan Gish and Zachary Hafner
February 16, 2011 Applying the Insights in Futurescan 2011 to Your Organization’s Strategy
Presented by Ruth Colby and Don Seymour
December 8, 2010 Trust and Transparency: A Guide to Ethical  Marketing Communications
Presented by Carol Koenecke-Grant and Larry Margolis