The Learning Edge for Healthcare Strategists

Healthcare is rapidly evolving—and so must the work and knowledge of healthcare strategists. Derived from Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Healthcare Strategist, SHSMD ADVANCE™ is a comprehensive framework that will help you and your team leverage new skills to lead healthcare’s transformation. Use SHSMD ADVANCE™ to assess, build, and promote your strategic abilities to reach your career goals.

SHSMD ADVANCE™ has three components designed to help you, your team, and your organization attain new levels of success:

Take this ~15-minute online self-assessment (free to members) of the 64 skills and attributes identified in Bridging Worlds. After, review your greatest strengths, skill gaps, and tailored online development plan.

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SHSMD ADVANCE™| Skill Builder

Access a library of resources tailored to your skill ratings after your self-assessment—in all, nearly 500  articles, books, online courses, and tools.

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SHSMD ADVANCE™| Credentials
Ready to advance your skills to a new level? Take SHSMD ADVANCE™| Credentials, intensive work courses developed by SHSMD offering learning certificates upon successful course completion. To start, SHSMD is offering:
1) An intensive online Data Analytics Certificate Series
2) An in-person Influencer intensive, which is being held at SHSMD Connections 2016.

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