Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Health Care Strategist Second Edition

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Evolving Health Care Landscape
General trends emerging in the health care field are presented as a foundation to examine the potential impact on health care strategy, even though the details of these trends are not yet fully known.

Implications for Strategy Leaders

This section presents ideas about the future of health care strategy in light of the evolving health landscape. The implications include:

  1. Be Nimble to Exceed the Rate of Change
  2. Design Consumer Experiences. Tell Powerful Stories
  3. Integrate and Co-create
  4. Erase Boundaries of Business
  5. Generate Data-Driven Insights

Each implication delves into a level of granularity to move strategists toward action and execution. These subsections include:
- Take Action identifies how strategists might respond to the implication.
- Present Focus / Future Focus outlines anticipated changes in process.
- Thought Provoker presents analogies, real life examples, and applications.
- Skills, Attributes, and Tools presents key competencies and resources for the health care strategist.


Skills and Attributes of the Health Care Strategist
Included in this section is a comprehensive synthesis of all skills and attributes identified in the implications, capturing an image representing the future role of the health care strategist.



This section presents a five-step comprehensive framework for individuals and teams to assess and build strategic competencies to lead health care’s transformation. Also included are case examples of how to apply Bridging Worlds in an organization.



This section lists and defines the skills, attributes, and tools identified in this document.




Case Studies and More
Bridging Worlds is a living, ever-expanding document. Here you can find additional case studies, CEO profiles, blog posts, and resources

Case Studies

  1. Leveraging Competency as A Cultural Transformation, Sustainment & Accountability Method
  2. 6 Things Your CEO Needs from You
  3. From Data to Decision
  4. The Future of Skill Building: Prepare for Health Care’s Rapid Transformation
  5. Aiming for the C-Suite: Competencies & Your Career
  6. SHSMD’s Latest Report Helps Marketers Navigate Rapidly Changing Health Care World
  7. More coming soon!

And More
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