With AHA and SHSMD, Leading Creative Experience Company Monigle Releases Its Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 5



May 17, 2022 - Independent brand experience company Monigle released today its fifth annual report, Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 5, as part of a second-year partnership with the American Hospital Association (AHA) and Society for Health Care Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) that brings comprehensive consumer insights to health care institutions and their leaders across disciplines. Along with providing consumer health care brand rankings of more than 200 brands, Monigle’s report is built to equip health care brand leaders with the impactful data and tools, based on in-depth consumer insights and perspectives, to drive experience change in their organizations.  
Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 5 is among the deepest, most human-centric examinations of brand and experience needs in the health care industry. Informed by more than 28,000 consumers and with rankings of more than 200 brands across the country, this report highlights emerging consumer trends, needs, and behaviors that have arisen as we begin to leave the pandemic behind us. By modelling behavior and segmenting consumers based on the latest attitudes to health, care, and wellness, marketing leaders can leverage these insights to guide strategy and tactics as we enter into a new era of health care focused on holistic health, diversity and inclusion, self-management, and virtual care.
“No one would argue that we’re moving into an era of uncertainty coming out of the pandemic, and this presents an incredible opportunity for health care brands. From this data, we see that people are rethinking how and where they access care, reconsidering what matters when making choices of one brand over another, and even setting new expectations for the role healthcare brands play in society and culture. The challenge right now when facing these opportunities is to get organizations and leaders oriented to change,” says Justin Wartell, Monigle’s managing principal. “Across your organizations, your leaders and your colleagues will likely ask—haven’t we been through enough change? Yes. And, the only way to drive change and move your organization is through consumer data and patient insight. Throughout this year’s Humanizing Brand Experience report, there are data points that can inspire different conversations and ultimately better brand, culture, and experience outcomes.”
Drawing on in-depth research from more than 28,000 consumers, the report ranks over 200 brands across 59 markets to identify the strongest health care experiences in the nation.
“We are pleased to once again share this critical and necessary research on brand experience with SHSMD members and the AHA organizations they serve,” said Diane Weber, RN, executive director of SHSMD. “This year’s report provides great consumer insights on behavioral health, diversity, equity and inclusion, and whole person communication concepts.  The personas identified provide a strong baseline for understanding market and consumer needs and can lead to helpful engagement strategies.   
For the complete report and full brand ranking, visit https://www.shsmd.org/resources/humanizing-brand-experience-vol-5  
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