How We Use Big Data Analytics to Create Customer and Patient Intimacy


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Clinicians care. That’s why many of us chose the healthcare profession. However, time pressures associated with fee-for-service business models have largely undermined our desire to form close relationships with our patients. Fortunately, new fee-for-value business models allow clinicians to play a more active role in our patients’ lives and long-term health.

To create patient intimacy affordably at scale, we need to adopt analytics technologies that help us anticipate our patients’ needs, understand and honor their preferences, and connect with them in ways they will respond to best. Many patients want to be more involved -- it’s our job to engage them in ways that make it practical and effective. This includes sending accurate, timely and relevant communications.

By using big data analytics – similar to those used by Netflix and Amazon – we can automate learning about what matters most to current and prospective patients, then use that knowledge to tailor engagement and nurture intimacy. This presentation will outline how the analytic technologies that power Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help providers achieve these goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why should I care about health analytics?
  • What data is available?
  • How do I get started using analytics in my organization?


Avery Earwood, MBA, CAPO, VP of Analytics & Data Science, Evariant

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