Corporate Communications that Build Patient Loyalty and Team Member Engagement


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Corporate communications professionals play a key role in building patient loyalty, as well as improving employee engagement. Novant Health’s Director of Internal Communication and Director of Public Relations will share how they have incorporated data analytics and behavioral economics’ principles to drive messaging and their communications strategy. You will learn how their corporate communications team is impacting culture, driving change management, and strategically communicating, thanks to a robust insights and analytics platform.

Novant will highlight case studies on strategic communications programs they have conducted, data analytics tools used to ensure messaging is on track, and explain how communications work fits into the larger marketing media mix model. Examples include their brand journalism site, Healthy Headlines (connecting with consumers and journalists alike), as well as how they are successfully tying social media fads to strategy (via the mannequin challenge and sweet retreat sugar challenge), and incorporating storytelling into their internal and external communications plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe a corporate communications model for delivering sustainable competitive advantage in the era of health care consumerism.
  • Understand how the principles of corporate communications can create greater internal and external engagement.  
  • Describe the use of data analytics and behavioral economics principles to drive messaging and communications strategy.


Katie Gillespie, Director of Internal Communications, Novant Health
Caryn Klebba, Director of Public Relations, Novant Health