Creating Communications and Engagement Guidelines for Transgender Care - Recording

SHSMD recently hosted a webinar with the goal of providing education on the topics of  gender-affirming terms and practices and the challenges embedded in the transgender patient experience. With permission to share, attendees said, 

“As a transgender person, this webinar is an incredibly moving experience for me. Seeing this information offered to professionals in hospitals around the nation means a great deal to me. I have talked with you all in the past, but I need to say it again here... Thank you for everything you're doing.”

“This information applies to EVERY role.”

“What a wonderful presentation all around! As a marketer - and a team of one - I especially appreciated the comments at the end regarding marketers bringing items like this forward if they feel passionately about them. I do feel passionately about this topic, so I plan to play a bigger role in making us more inclusive communicators and caregivers. I look forward to sharing the slides with our team. Thank you!”

Download a PDF of the presentation and Optimizing Transgender Care Toolkit.

Part 1 Recording


Part 2 Recording