Aligning Marketing and Business Development: Doubling Your Outreach Success


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Legend has it that at the end of every rainbow sits a leprechaun, hammering on a shoe, who will reveal the whereabouts of a crock of gold. While we haven’t attempted to prove or disprove this legend, we have found that aligning your marketing and physician outreach team can be the equivalent of a pot of gold.

Health systems have come a long way in their marketing methodologies but what continues to be a point of friction is the relationship between the physician relations team and marketing with each left feeling like “they just don’t understand us.”

Join us as Molly Gaus, Regional Marketing Director and Karianne Craig, System Manager of Sales, from Presence Health share their experiences on how your physician relations and marketing can—and must—collaborate.

Create your own 4-leaf clover and learn how to:

  • Prevent department “siloing” and handle prioritization requests
  • Drive outreach strategies through consumer and provider marketing 
  • Set expectations and accountability between marketing and physician relations
  • Create a review process around collateral and presentations

Sneak Peek

“The way to work that up, our analytics team, helps feed our business development team, which feeds our sales team, on what their areas of focus should be and how we should all work together, and then those folks work with our  community outreach and marketing team on promoting our organization, so we really all work cohesively.” - Karianne Craig, Presence Health


Molly Gaus, Regional Marketing Director, Presence Health Life, Connections

Karianne Craig, System Manager of Sales, Presence Health


Krystal Guerra, VP of Marketing, Marketware

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