Futurescan: Leading Through Times of Change

SHSMD Education Webinars

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As the nation’s medical system goes through a period of high uncertainty and disruption, Futurescan 2019–2024 highlights important insights designed to prepare hospital and health system leaders the future of health care.

Join renowned futurist Ian Morrison, Ph.D., for this webcast on the latest edition of SHSMD’s annual guide to trends in the field as he summarizes Futurescan articles written by thought leaders on these key topics:

  • The opioid epidemic
  • High-value health care
  • Physician network growth
  • Digital health care
  • Bioelectronic medicine
  • Health care workforce shortages
  • Hospital and health system governance
  • States’s role in health care regulation

Morrison will also share results from the latest Futurescan national survey of health care executives.

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