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Helping patients, employees, and community members adopt healthier behaviors is a cornerstone of population health. Health care marketers and communicators are ideally suited to drive this type of change. After all, every successful marketing or communication campaign involves changing the way someone thinks, feels, or behaves. Join us on this webinar, and invite your team, as Susan Dubuque covers the highlights of her new publication “Gearing Up for Population Health: Marketing for Change,” and offers effective strategies to help us transition to population health and improve the health status of those we serve.

Susan will discuss the science and theory behind behavioral change by applying data and expert insights from the field. She will also provide a template for formulating your own population health plan, or improving your current one, by mapping out population health improvement tactics that are both consistent with health care systems’ mission statements and aligned with organizations’ goals. Additionally, she will help you uncover the skills and knowledge already present in you, your department, and your organization that can be applied to your population health plan.  

After watching this webcast, you will be able to:

  • Understand two behavioral health change theory models.
  • Formulate a population health plan.
  • Identify existing skills that can be applied to a population health plan.


Susan Dubuque, President, ndp

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