How Healthcare Providers Can Lead the Empowered Patient


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The age of consumer empowerment has arrived in the healthcare industry. Medical patients are now acting like informed customers, using digital to get what they want when they want it -- a phenomenon known as "the Uber effect." Medical providers have a strong opportunity to respond to the empowered patient by forming a more collaborative, intimate relationship built on location marketing. Amanda Bury will share ways medical providers can flourish by creating stronger relationships with the empowered patient at the local level. She will share concrete, actionable sets providers can take, such as:

  • Providing tools such as scheduling widgets that make it easier for patients to book their appointments on their own time.
  • Creating more useful location pages with information (such as coverage of insurance plans) that helps patients make better decisions faster.
  • Being more active social participants, such as encouraging dialogue about their own services by making available reviews.

Participants will walk away armed with insights into more effective location marketing can help them be more transparent and responsive to empowered consumers.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why it's essential that medical providers be more responsive and transparent to empowered patients.
  • Why more effective location marketing is a crucial strategy for being transparent and open.
  • Specific tactics such as improved search engine optimization and useful content that will help medical providers thrive.


Amanda Bury, Managing Director, Healthcare, SIM Partners

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