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Loyalty in health care, until recently, was not much more than a buzzword. It was difficult to measure, impossible to predict, and not applicable to health care traditionalists. Today, ignoring efforts to measure and improve customer loyalty could prove to be a serious issue for health care organizations. The attrition of non-loyal health care customers can exceed $100 million in lost revenue per hospital annually. This webcast will dive into the wants, needs, and expectations of those we in the health care field hope to serve and those we ultimately hope to make loyalists.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the current environment of consumerism and loyalty in the health care field, where it is going and how we have to change.
  • Identify the positive and negative impacts of loyalty on the organization.
  • Identify industry tools and metrics that assess loyalty.
  • Understand the seven aspects that impact loyalty and how to quantify each aspect.

Speaker Bio


Brian Wynne, VP and General Manager, has been with NRC Health since 2009. During his time at NRC Health, Brian has worked closely with many of the largest and most prominent health care systems in the United States to achieve an array of organizational objectives. His expertise includes customer experience design, consumer and brand intelligence, and customer-centric strategy execution. Prior to joining NRC Health, Brian was Publisher and Principal of a provider-focused magazine, highlighting emerging trends in health care.

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