Yes, You Can Create Your Own Podcast. We Know; We Did It!

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The popularity of podcasts is soaring, and it’s no surprise. With the rise of smartphones, our idle time in the car, kitchen or yard has become listening time. Earbuds are a literal connection to the mind of an audience eager for compelling content. When done well, podcasts connect with a power and emotion unlike any other medium.

You already know that your hospital or health system has no shortage of amazing stories – stories that will elevate your brand and astound your audience. Now it’s time to tell those stories. Learn how Cleveland’s public hospital system planned, created, launched and marketed its own podcast, in-house.

Objectives include:

  • Deciding which stories to tell and how to tell them.
  • Equipment, editing software, settings, music, formats, etc. – go from intimidated to excited.
  • How to promote your podcast and maximize listenership.