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Panelists discussed the potential for better primary care models to bend the cost curve, the interplay between digital and in-person primary care, partnerships with hospitals and health systems, and the shortage of primary care providers. This report provides an overview of the key insights and takeaways from the forum.
How can you profitably grow your urgent care business? Is it possible to delight consumers and physicians alike? How can you earn consumer respect and trust? How can you use urgent care to drive lifetime patient loyalty? This session covers Sentara Healthcare's journey to drive urgent care growth and profitability.
Aggressive strategies for avoiding the emergency department are common, and the ED is not ideal for certain medical care. However, healthcare strategists are increasingly focused on a different approach: leveraging the ED's unique position to produce strategic value, practical solutions, improved quality, and better financial performance.
Behavior drives experience... experience informs brand... and voice is the driving force that moves consumers to take action. Examples of how two hospitals are leveraging innovation and design into team behavior will inspire executives to embrace the adjacent possible.