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The implementation of value-based payments and population health is not moving consistently across all health systems. We know change is imminent. The question is, "How much change and how soon?" Scott Thomas, Administrative Director at Granville Health System, shares how GHS entered a new environment and the lessons learned along the way.
We are in a renaissance. The rate of change in the healthcare marketplace is moving at an accelerated pace. There are more opportunities than ever before for healthcare strategists, but there are greater challenges to refine and build upon their skillsets in preparation for an unknown future. Read about the skills and attributes necessary to succeed in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment.
For two decades, research conducted by change management thought leader John Kotter and others has shown that approximately two-thirds of large-scale change initiatives fail to meet their objectives.1 Faced with daunting odds like these, how can strategists position themselves to better lead and communicate the significant changes sweeping through the healthcare field?
Imagine trying to manage strategic planning for a health system that has doubled in size in recent years, but lacks standardized business development processes to maximize growth opportunities. Then, imagine an extremely competitive consumer marketplace where two members of that same network are advertising for the same service in the same newspaper (or on dueling billboards) with no mention of the health system.