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Using findings from the 2017 Kaufman Hall Healthcare Consumerism Index, this webcast will help you understand and respond to changing consumer needs in a measured way that targets high-impact activities.
Register for this SHSMD U Webcast for new ideas and best practices for creating alignment and delivering on your organization’s promise—as well as pitfalls to avoid. You’ll walk away with the keys for creating and sustaining exceptional employee and patient experiences.
What could have easily turned into a public relations nightmare for a hospital in Massachusetts instead became the rallying cry for action. Read more about how one hospital addressed the opioid epidemic in their community.
With the knowledge that visual content has a higher retention and conversion rate than text-based media because of its powerful psychological influence, it only makes sense that healthcare marketing leaders enhance their video tactics as part of their creative strategy. Read more about affordable ways to create effective marketing videos for your brand.
The University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC) addresses a facility issue through "design sprint," which incorporates such concepts as "creating consumer experiences," and "being nimble to exceed the rate of change," as described in the SHSMD's report Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Healthcare Strategist, Second Edition.
The shifting healthcare landscape is requiring hospitals and health system strategists to take aggressive approaches to every aspect of their operations, including how to align physicians with their healthcare network and advertise them to the community. Read more about the key to addressing these challenges.
This highly respected annual guide to health care trends and innovations provides strategic actions you can take to position your organization for future success. In Futurescan 2018–2023, a panel of thought leaders addresses eight key issues transforming the future of health care. The expert insight in these pages is supported by data from a survey of hundreds of health care leaders across the country.
Hear how Boston Children’s Hospital and Northwestern Medicine have structured their people, processes, and technology to create ongoing operational capabilities for sustainable post-launch success.
A veteran media strategist shares insights on how to use a mix of digital tactics to raise awareness and yield results. Digital advertising — in the form of mobile marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and more — is an inexpensive as well as effective way of marketing when compared to traditional methods.
In today's environment of limited hospital resources, it's critical to make meaningful and cost effective connections with those we serve. SHSMD's newly updated Bridging Worlds report for healthcare strategists highlights this concept by emphasizing the importance of "integrating and co-creating," whereby organizations find enhanced value when they engage with members of the community who have different points of view, backgrounds, and experiences.
Ask the executive team at any of the 5,200 hospitals in the United States and they will likely tell you that local demographics, competition, and payer mix make them "different from the rest." Although differences abound, all are seeing troubling reimbursement trends, all must find ways to respond to an increasingly demanding consumer, and all are looking to develop a revenue growth strategy for long-term sustainability.
A well told story can be a powerful marketing tool, especially in healthcare. One patient's experience can impact a prospective patient's thinking, actions, and behaviors, enabling them to explore potential healthcare decisions through a highly personal lens. This article explores the success of a campaign that El Camino Hospital implemented to share patient narratives.
Novant will highlight case studies on strategic communications programs they have conducted, data analytics tools used to ensure messaging is on track, and explain how communications work fits into the larger marketing media mix model.
Join Andrea Pearson, chief marketing officer of Healthgrades, to learn about strategic changes required to navigate and maintain leadership in the fast-changing healthcare environment.
Scripps cares for more than 500,000 patients annually, with the goal of delivering excellence in medical care and patient experience. As a non-profit, they rely on philanthropy to help achieve that goal.
Healthcare is in a period of dramatic transformation. New care models, disruptive technologies, personalized medicine, and alternative payment models are all challenging the conventional thinking of patients and practitioners—and driving them to seek credible sources of information to navigate this change.
Most surgical programs can tell you how many cases they did last year, but very few can share how many they didn’t do. What’s needed is a tracking measurement that shows how many people are slipping through the cracks —and more importantly, where they’re dropping off along the way.
There are the literal politics–the regulators and elected officials–that empower and ensnare us. But, perhaps more impactful are the organizational and human politics that drive healthcare–the interplay between hospitals and payers, physicians and administrators, employees and unions, and more.
Hear how leaders in the health care strategy have leveraged critical skills to advance their careers. Learn important considerations for pursuing an advanced degree in health care management, and the essential groundwork for competency-driven advancement. Understand several relevant competency models, those that focus on strategists' skills, those that are critical to exceptional innovative leadership.
This presentation, led by hospital association communications leaders from New Hampshire and North Carolina, explores contemporary strategies, tactics and tools for effectively communicating about advocacy issues to key audiences (legislators, influencers, and consumers).