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This guide to successful employer partnerships describes several case studies and lessons learned. Examples include on-site clinics, an accountable care organization and virtual health care. 
Futurescan 2019–2024 explores key forces that are transforming the future of health care. The annual publication features articles by a panel of thought and opinion leaders on the following important issues:
This report from SHSMD gives insights into planning operations, department structures, budgets, challenges and successes that will inform benchmarking and strategic planning operations.
The PowerPoint presentation, Futurescan 2019, features highlights from the latest edition of Futurescan, one of the industry's most respected health care trends forecasts. Ready for immediate use at your organization, you can employ this presentation tool for staff, leadership or boards.
Join renowned futurist Ian Morrison, Ph.D., for this webcast on the latest edition of SHSMD’s annual guide to trends in the field as he summarizes Futurescan articles written by thought leaders on key topics.
In 2017, Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, had a fairly new leadership team and an outdated strategic plan. They realized it would be valuable to bring in an outside partner, so they asked Stratasan to guide them through the process of updating their plan. This article discusses the five-step planning process developed to address each of their goals for growth.
Healthcare organizations have historically experienced a significant gap in strategic performance because of a disconnect between strategy formulation and execution. This article discusses the Strategic Services Group at Atrium Health and their model to drive health system success.
The Futurescan Multi-Pack features the 2018, 2017 and 2016 issues of this highly respected guide to current health care trends. The publications include articles from thought and opinion leaders that explore key forces that are transforming the field.  The 2018 Futurescan highlights:
The PowerPoint presentation, Futurescan 2018, features highlights from the latest edition of Futurescan, one of the industry's most respected healthcare trends forecasts. Ready for immediate use at your organization, you can employ this presentation tool for staff, leadership, or boards.
This session advances the future of health care strategy by sharing an approach to effectively integrate culture, strategy, and implementation responsibility throughout the organization.
Case studies will be discussed demonstrating how hospitals are using approaches such as human-centered design, adaptive leadership and new partnerships based on social impact, to accelerate, sustain and/or scale innovation and improvement in areas ranging from clinician burnout to safety.
This session will assess University of Michigan Health System’s approach to implementing virtual health, and present an evaluation framework and business case for a range of virtual health initiatives.
This session will explore how organizations have adopted new business planning models to identify opportunities and bring ideas to execution more quickly.
This webcast will outline key concepts in SHSMD’s newly updated Bridging Worlds report, featuring fresh perspectives on the future role of the healthcare strategist. Through stories and case examples, strategic implications and opportunities for healthcare strategists will be illustrated, and key skills and attributes required for success will be shared.
This highly respected annual guide to health care trends and innovations provides strategic actions you can take to position your organization for future success. In Futurescan 2018–2023, a panel of thought leaders addresses eight key issues transforming the future of health care. The expert insight in these pages is supported by data from a survey of hundreds of health care leaders across the country.
A successful approach to board engagement included a series of learning and listening sessions over several months, allowing board members to gain a basic understanding or choose to deep dive into key topics. These sessions, in lieu of a more traditional board retreat, provided a review of the competitive landscape through the lenses of business metrics and patient outcomes, as well as philanthropy, research funding, and reputation.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos attributes his company’s success to an “obsessive focus on the customer” rather than on the competitor. Legacy hospitals and health systems must embrace a similar mindset to remain relevant and innovative in an industry that is rapidly evolving from a focus on driving volume to generating value for customers.
Hospitals and health systems are simultaneously facing the reality of reduced and changing reimbursement models and increased competition including competition from market innovators and disruptors. In this environment providers must learn to plan and act nimbly while pursuing incremental strategies that can create sustained competitive advantage.