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Contrary to what we think as marketers, consumers don’t care about brands—even healthcare brands. Consumers’ attention spans are getting shorter. Brand messages are multiplying. Most marketing messages are nothing more than an interruption in a consumer’s daily routine. But if healthcare marketing is a dead end, how do you break through? How do you earn, and keep, people’s attention? Find out in our upcoming webinar.
Hear how Marcy Traxler, VP of Business Development at AMITA Health was able to reconfigure the business development approach that supports service lines, employed medical group initiatives, and physician outreach to enhance the tactical sales and planning process.
Futurescan 2016–2021 focuses on key dimensions of change that are transforming healthcare. Join Ian Morrison, a renowned futurist and executive editor of Futurescan, as he presents highlights from SHSMD’s annual guide to healthcare trends, and discusses strategies to position your organizations for success in the new environment.
This SHSMD U Webcast will showcase how three hospitals promote popular health observances, including American Heart Month, National Autism Awareness Month, and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Learn how they have engaged and educated their communities during these awareness months.
Armed with technologies that allow for authentic acumens, marketing decision makers can now create more individualized and personalized healthcare experiences by converting “big” data into more practical data.
By using big data analytics – similar to those used by Netflix and Amazon – we can automate learning about what matters most to current and prospective patients, then use that knowledge to tailor engagement and nurture intimacy. This presentation will outline how the analytic technologies that power Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help providers achieve these goals.
Responsive order-takers have become brand-led catalysts for change in support of evolved, forward-thinking experiences that impact business performance. This session will also address how the modern marketing function must be oriented to consumers as opposed to patients, system thinking as opposed to silo thinking, participation as opposed to one-directional storytelling, and engagement as opposed to communications.
Which platforms should we use? What are the legal implications with HIPAA? How do we define success? These questions and many others will be answered during this 1-hour webcast presented by the American Hospital Association and the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD).
Healthcare organizations that want to increase their program sophistication, effectiveness and ROI can leverage this model to pinpoint their current status as well as identify key areas they must enhance in order to progress to the next level. How does your organization measure up?