Understanding Predictive Models in Healthcare: Using Data, Science and Actionable Models to Drive Campaign Outcomes


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Predictive analytics answers the primary question - Who are the most likely candidates for health services? Healthcare systems, no matter what level they are currently using analytics and predictive modeling, can enhance and optimize their targeted marketing efforts by incorporating predictive modeling. And, with the shift to value-based healthcare that is necessitating proactive healthcare, predictive modeling can help by strategically targeting patients who need preventative care. This webinar will explore the basics of predictive modeling, two types of models, steps to take after models, and campaign strategies and testing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what predictive analytics do in healthcare
  • Understand the different types of models generated
  • Understand how predictive models can help in the shift to value-based healthcare
  • Learn what steps are needed to take after models are created
  • Hear about campaign strategies and testing approaches


William B. Disch, PhD, Director of Analytics, Evariant

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