Call for Volunteers: 2018 Leadership Opportunities

As a healthcare strategy professional, you are—by nature—a leader, change driver, and creative thinker. You take innovative ideas and leading strategies and bring them to fruition. As a SHSMD volunteer, channel your skills and drive to benefit your fellow SHSMD members and other peers in the profession. Develop new resources and programs, create new opportunities to engage and share, and connect SHSMD members with the future. Our leadership development pathway was created to help strategy professionals grow and expand their skills and familiarity with issues critical to all their peers.

Whether reviewing new products or knowledge and providing input or serving on a committee or task force volunteering with SHSMD affords you the opportunity to put your leadership and management skills to practice while gaining new insights from other experts in the field.

Through October 11, 2017, SHSMD is accepting volunteer requests to engage with us in a variety of initiatives. Please sign up for the opportunities that interest you the most, and help us learn more about you. We will try to connect you with your preferred activity choice, but if it is not available, we will reach out to you with other opportunities.

Leadership Opportunities in 2018:

2018 Annual Conference Committee
2018 Annual Conference Moderator*
Beta Testers*
Bridging Worlds and SHSMD ADVANCE™ Contributor*
Digital Engagement Task Force
Editorial Advisory Board
Education Programming Committee
Executive Strategies Task Force
New Member Reception Task Force
Recognition and Scholarships Committee
Spectrum Guest Editors*
* Items marked with an asterisk represent independent volunteer activities

2018 Annual Conference Committee (1st – 3rd Quarter 2018)This committee supports the staff in the development and implementation of the education portion of the annual conference, SHSMD Connections. Committee members representing various disciplines comprise committee “tracks” and review all proposals received under their assigned area from the annual Call for Proposals. The goal is to make selections that deliver a first-class educational experience for members. Volunteers who have previously served on this committee may be selected to serve on the executive team or as track team leaders. Committee members attending the conference may serve as session moderators and/or hosts for networking events.

Annual Conference Committee and Track Member
This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Team players who can commit to the rigorous schedule of this committee. There is a significant time commitment from February to May, which includes reviewing proposals by set deadlines, actively participating on conference calls, and spending time following up on proposals and speakers.

Annual Conference Committee and Track Leader
This volunteer opportunity is recommended for members with:

  • Strong industry knowledge as demonstrated by tenure in the industry and/or active national involvement in market trends
  • Commitment to the volunteer role as demonstrated through past history of participation and verbal understanding of the obligations
  • Team consensus-building attributes as demonstrated by position and/or past roles as a volunteer
  • Willingness and ability to manage the multiple positions of the track and move the group to a place of agreement about the topics 
  • Ability to coordinate and lead multiple conference calls with your track team and provide deliverables to the Conference Planning Executive Committee by set deadlines, participate in calls with the Conference Planning Executive Committee, and represent team’s views during the final review process
  • Interest in SHSMD’s success: While there are some personal goals that may be met through the networking in SHSMD, the leader must have the interest of SHSMD front and center, and be a credible representative of the organization. This will be demonstrated by going the extra mile in creating the best possible educational event for the membership. 
  • Willingness to provide expertise throughout the year as needed.
  • Previous attendance at SHSMD Connections

NOTE: A track leader’s organization cannot submit a proposal under that specific track..

2018 Annual Conference Moderator
Moderators act as hosts and coordinators for SHSMD Connections sessions, introducing the speakers, ensuring that everything goes as planned, and providing a safety net when quick action coordinating with staff is required. They also direct attendees to complete their evaluation at the end of the session and ensure session speakers are not promoting services/goods during their presentation..

Beta Testers
As SHSMD and the AHA pilot new offerings, technologies and programs, members’ perspectives will be critical. Volunteer beta testers may be called on throughout the year to help evaluate, test and/or provide feedback.

Commitment: A few hours of review time annually.

Bridging Worlds and SHSMD ADVANCE™ Contributor
Contribute your content expertise, develop/share successful organizational case studies, or provide input to new SHSMD ADVANCE™ offerings, all pertaining to SHSMD’s report, Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Healthcare Strategist.

Several hours of independent volunteer time approximately two to four times per year.

Digital Engagement Task Force
This task force will continue to study the emerging world of digital communications (internet, social media, mobile, etc.) and their applications in healthcare. The group will develop posts for the SHSMD blog, Viewpoint: Strategies for Success, during the year to advance members’ knowledge in these areas, provide ad-hoc guidance to staff on digital engagement with SHSMD members, and work closely with SHSMD’s interactive marketing specialist.

This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Those engaged in developing or implementing social media strategies in hospitals/health systems.
  • Consultants providing hospitals/health systems with social media expertise. 
  • Society members with an interest in developing educational products for SHSMD with skills in writing, design, photography and/or video production.

Commitment: Monthly conference calls from Q1 to Q3, with review of materials between meetings.

Editorial Advisory Board
This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Those with writing or editorial experience
  • Professionals with strong content knowledge in a wide variety of topics of interest to SHSMD membership, including healthcare strategy, business development, marketing, public relations, communications, and physician relations
  • Knowledge of digital content delivery methods
  • Familiarity with industry thought leaders, potential expert information sources, and content contributors

This group of advisors will help to guide SHSMD in establishing priorities and processes for the curation of new content for members to facilitate a growing pool of knowledge resources. Committee members will contribute content ideas and review content prior to member distribution when necessary. Advisors will work closely with SHSMD’s senior editorial specialist.

Quarterly conference calls in 2018, and periodic review of content materials.

Education Programming Committee
This committee will review performance of SHSMD education offerings and make recommendations to enrich the society’s educational portfolio, leveraging best practices in education design and delivery. The committee will consider the competencies of SHSMD members identified in job analysis research and the Bridging Worlds initiative. Committee members will receive a set of proposals and confirm selections for SHSMD U Online Courses and related offerings to support member professional development and expansion of knowledge resources. The committee will work closely with SHSMD’s educational manager.

This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Members who have served as faculty or who possess experience in adult education
  • Members with a strong overall knowledge of SHSMD educational offerings, including SHSMD U online courses and webcasts, and SHSMD Connections Annual Conference workshops and sessions
  • Individuals with high interest and experience in education best practices
  • Members representing the different professional disciplines of SHSMD, with varying experiences and roles
  • Those with strong content knowledge in a wide variety of healthcare strategy and market development topics, including emerging trends
  • Members who possess an understanding of SHSMD’s Bridging Worlds research
  • Those who attended the SHSMD Connections 2017 and/or are planning to attend SHSMD Connections 2018 (optional)

Commitment: Commitment: Quarterly conference calls, independent review of materials between meetings, and auditing of SHSMD U Online Courses.

New Member Reception Task Force
Task force members will work with staff to plan the New Member and First-Time Attendee Reception at SHSMD Connections 2018, October 7–10 in Seattle.

This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Members planning to attend SHSMD Connections 2018
  • Those with a strong overall knowledge of SHSMD offerings
  • Members who have attended the SHSMD Connections conferences at least two times

Commitment: Attend several conference calls during Q3, review materials between meetings, and attend SHSMD Connections 2018..

Executive Strategies Task Force
This task force will engage chief strategy officers, other senior executives, and thought leaders in dialogue and learning. The task force is responsible for the programming and speaker selection for programs such as the Thought Leader Forum and Executive Dialogue.

This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Thought leaders and visionaries with a thorough understanding of significant issues facing SHSMD members
  • Those with current, relevant expertise in healthcare transformative changes
  • Senior-level members with expertise in strategic planning, business development, marketing, and communications
  • Executives connected to industry thought leaders who might serve as guest speakers/panelists
  • Members planning to attend the Executive Dialogue and Thought Leader Forum

Commitment: Monthly or conference calls in the first half of the year, independent review of materials between meetings.

Recognition and Scholarships Committee
Committee members participate in the review of criteria and applications and the selection of recipients for all SHSMD awards and recognition including:

  • The SHSMD Leadership Excellence Award, honoring the lifetime achievement of healthcare marketers, planners, public relations professionals, and communications practitioners
  • The SHSMD Rising Star designation for exceptional professionals under age 40 
  • Scholarship awards for SHSMD Connections
  • Other awards designated by SHSMD

This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Members with a strong overall knowledge of SHSMD offerings
  • Members representing the different professional disciplines of SHSMD, with varying degrees of experience and seniority
  • Those who have been SHSMD members for at least five years
  • Society members who have attended SHSMD Connections at least twice
  • Individuals with prior committee experience
  • Members with a commitment to confidentiality
  • Former SHSMD Leadership Excellence Award recipients
  • Former SHSMD Rising Stars

Commitment: Monthly 60-90 minute conference calls from February to July, plus a final debrief call. Independent, detailed review of applications, reports, resumés, letters of recommendation, scoring criteria, and other materials between calls.

Spectrum Guest Editor

Guest editors will review MySHSMD online discussion groups (Marketing, Physician Strategies, Public Relations/Communications, and Strategic Planning) and select discussion excerpts that provide information and advice to members. The selections will appear in a question-and-answer format in the Community Connections column of Spectrum. This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Members who participate MySHSMD discussions
  • Those with writing or publishing experience

Note: Volunteers sign a confidentiality agreement and may be asked to sign an intellectual property ownership agreement. SHSMD does not pay travel expenses for volunteer participation.