The Next Generation of Smarter Patient Acquisition and 
Retention Through Best Next Action Insights

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You’re given budget and directive to grow market share by 1%. Do you know where to focus, what the best investment is to achieve your growth goal, or exactly how or where to target consumers and providers? Today’s technology assumes you know the answers and jumps right in with engagement solutions to implement a wide variety of multi-channel, integrated marketing campaigns. But in the back of your mind, are you wondering if you’re focused on the right geography, service line, or even sub-service line and procedures? 

It’s time for a critical shift into how we identify our top opportunities for growth. This transformation in marketing and provider outreach planning provides better insight in to your best next action, meaning performance metrics will improve and ROI will outpace previous periods. But where to start? With the right data and insights, applied in the right way. Join this webinar to learn how the next generation of patient acquisition and retention strategies are driven by best next action insights that combine data sources into a single market view. 

At the end of the webcast, attendees will understand:

  • How to identify their top market opportunities to meet strategic system goals
  • Best practices for applying best next action insights in marketing and campaign planning
  • Methods for working cross-functionally to achieve a bigger impact for less effort
  • Foundational technology and skills needed to get started immediately
  • Ways in which marketing demonstrates value and ROI to the broader health system


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