2019 Board Member Nominations

Dear SHSMD Member,

SHSMD is looking for members who can help lead the Society into the future. Beginning today until February 23, the committee is seeking nominations for talented leaders who share SHSMD's vision of being a growing, dynamic, well-recognized community of strategy professionals fulfilling their highest aspirations and driving positive changes in healthcare.

Please consider nominating a colleague or yourself for a three-year term on the 2019 SHSMD Board.

Board candidates should demonstrate the following:

  • A strong commitment and dedication to SHSMD as evidenced by participation in volunteer opportunities described in Leadership Development Pathway: Opportunities for Involvement
  • Strong leadership profile, including visionary thinking, strategic perspective, influencing and negotiating, seasoned judgement, entrepreneurship and effective teaming/collaboration
  • Ability to meet board member time commitments, including:
    • Four onsite board meetings per year*
    • 1-2 annual board conference calls
  • Active participation in a committee or task force
  • Participation in the SHSMD Connections Annual Conference
  • Ability to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of SHSMD Board members

We are also seeking candidates for 2019 SHSMD President-elect. The SHSMD Governance Policies stipulate that nominees for president-elect must be current members of the SHSMD Board who have served at least one year of a three-year term. Learn more about the role and responsibilities of the SHSMD President-elect and President.

After a thorough review of candidates using criteria approved by the 2017 SHSMD Board, and considering the representation needed in from different strategy disciplines, organization types, geography and other areas of diversity, the 2018 SHSMD Nominating Committee will determine a slate that will be presented to the membership for vote in August. Election results will be shared at the SHSMD Connections Conference in October.

If you know a SHSMD member who fits that description or if you believe that you’re ready to join the board, we want to hear from you. Please complete the Nomination Form by Friday, February 23.

Please contact SHSMD Executive Director Diane Weber at 312.422.3888 or dweber@aha.org if you have questions. We look forward to hearing from you.


Ruth Portacci
Chair, 2018 SHSMD Nominating Committee
Principal, Healthcare Strategy Partners
Nashville, TN



February 23, 2018 Deadline: Call for Nominations
March–April, 2018 Comprehensive review of candidates by committee
May 31, 2018 Slated candidates notified
August 1, 2018 SHSMD Board elections open
August 31, 2018 SHSMD Board elections close
October 9, 2018 Announcement at SHSMD Connections Conference

Roles and Responsibilities

Board Members

The SHSMD Board acts in an advisory capacity within the guidelines established by the American Hospital Association. Board members are responsible for policy-governance activities related to the Society, including developing strategies and establishing policies for the association, approving the Society’s annual budget and exercising fiscal review, representing the interests of healthcare strategy professionals, interfacing with the American Hospital Association on subjects of interest to the membership and serving as advocates for the important role that healthcare strategy plays in today’s healthcare organization.

Selected candidates are slated by the SHSMD Nominating Committee to serve a three-year term of office. Individuals are eligible to serve a second consecutive three-year term.

Key Duties

  • Participates in the development, implementation and performance tracking of the strategic plan
  • Contributes to the development and use of polices to guide the work of the SHSMD Board*
  • Understands member needs and serves as an advocate for the Society and its members
  • Serves as an advocate for the Society when participating in other associations' educational programs and activities
  • Provides input into ongoing membership recruitment and retention strategies and member involvement in the activities of the organization
  • Provides input into development of programs and services
  • Provides input into the membership, work plans and performance of committees, task forces and other ad hoc advisory groups
  • Provides input into the major assumptions used by management to develop the annual budget; approves the budget and tracks through quarterly reviews
  • Represents the interests of healthcare strategy [planning, marketing, communications and other related disciplines], interfacing with the American Hospital Association on subjects of interest to the members and serves as an advocate for members’ roles in healthcare organizations
  • Serves, as requested by the SHSMD President, on committees or task forces or other groups as a member, leader or board liaison


The SHSMD President-elect, one of three voting members of the SHSMD Executive Committee, provides leadership to the Society in carrying out the organization’s vision, mission, strategies and objectives.

Key Duties

  • Carries out the responsibilities and performs the functions that are from time-to-time assigned by the SHSMD President
  • Performs the duties of the SHSMD President whenever the president shall be unable to do so
  • Fully engages in the work of the SHSMD Executive Committee and supports its decisions with the SHSMD Board and the membership
  • Works with the SHSMD Executive Committee and Board to ensure that the Society operates within its fiscal budget
  • Annually reviews the Society Charter and makes recommendations for amendments to the SHSMD Board for their consideration
  • Appoints committee and task force chairpersons with SHSMD Executive Committee input and approval and the SHSMD Board’s consent for his/her term of office as SHSMD President
  • Facilitates leadership development within the organization
  • Reviews and provides input to staff on board orientation materials and participates in new board member orientation

In evaluating nominees for SHSMD President-elect, the SHSMD Nominating Committee will utilize criteria such as:

  • Demonstrated leadership during tenure on SHSMD Board
  • Definitive contributions to the Society’s goals and objectives during SHSMD Board tenure
  • Demonstrated leadership characteristics such as:
    • Strategic perspective
    • Influencing and negotiating skills
    • Demonstrated judgment
    • Visionary and breakthrough thinking
    • Implementation skills
    • Communication skills
    • Consensus building skills
    • Facilitation skills
  • Experience in healthcare, including strategic planning, business development, marketing, communications, public relations and physician relations
  • Contributions to the healthcare field and the strategy disciplines


The SHSMD President, the Society’s chief elected officer, provides leadership to the SHSMD Board, committee and task force chairpersons, members and staff in carrying out the organization’s vision, mission, strategies and objectives.

Key Duties

  • Leads the SHSMD Board in setting strategic direction
  • Chairs all board meetings, SHSMD Executive Committee meetings, the Society’s annual meeting and any special meetings of the membership that may be called
  • Appoints committee and task force chairpersons with SHSMD Executive Committee input and approval and the SHSMD Board’s consent
  • Coordinates and serves as a channel of communication among officers, board members, committee and task force chairpersons and other leadership groups within the association
  • Recommends policy and actions to the SHSMD Board for its review and approval
  • Works with the SHSMD Executive Committee and Board to ensure that the Society operates within its fiscal budget
  • Ensures all activities of the SHSMD President, Executive Committee and Board are in compliance with the Society Charter and conflict of interest guidelines
  • Serves as the chief elected spokesperson for the Society
  • Represents the Society at appropriate meetings and events sponsored by the Society, the American Hospital Association and other organizations
  • Ensures effective transition of officers at conclusion of presidential term
  • Ensures strategic planning and tactical implementation during the term of office and during the SHSMD Executive Committee’s transition period

Note: SHSMD reimburses board members for travel expenses related to participation in board meetings, however, board members are expected to attend the SHSMD Connections at their own expense.

* Candidates for Society president must be members of the current SHSMD Board as provided in the Society Charter and Governance Policies, Article VIII-Officers, Section 1. Eligibility.