2025 SHSMD Advisory Board Member Nominations

2025 Nominations are NOW CLOSED.

Dear SHSMD Member,

SHSMD is looking for members who can help lead the Society into the future. From February 1 through March 8, the Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for a diverse array of talented leaders who share SHSMD's mission to empower members to overcome obstacles, foresee the future and drive change. We welcome nominations from a wide array of health care settings and solution providers to help us meet the needs of our varied (and growing!) membership.

Please consider nominating a colleague or yourself for a three-year term on the SHSMD Advisory Board.

Advisory Board candidates should demonstrate the following:

  • A strong commitment and dedication to the strategy professions as evidenced by volunteer contributions such as those described in SHSMD's Leadership Development Pathway.
  • Strong leadership profile, including visionary thinking, strategic perspective, influencing and negotiating, seasoned judgement, entrepreneurship and effective teaming/collaboration.
  • Ability to meet time commitments, including:
    • Four meetings per year (3 remote, 1 in person).
    • Active participation or leadership of a committee or task force.
    • Attendance and active participation in the SHSMD Connections Annual Conferences during the term.
  • Ability to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of SHSMD Board members.

As part of its commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, SHSMD seeks to reflect the communities our members serve in its advisory board and in doing so encourages diverse applicants representing different racial, cultural, gender, sexual orientation, and generational backgrounds.   

SHSMD seeks representation from the Society's primary disciplines - marketing, planning, business development, communications and public relations. Applicants whose involvement also includes related experiences such as innovation, public health, digital engagement, market research, patient experience, physician strategies, health plans, academic health systems and out of industry representation are also encouraged to apply.

We are also seeking candidates for 2025 SHSMD President-elect. Nominees for president-elect must be current members of the SHSMD Advisory Board who have served at least one year of a three-year term and who are employed by an AHA member hospital or health system. Learn more about the role and responsibilities of the SHSMD President-elect and President.

If you know a SHSMD member who fits this description or if you believe that you’re ready to join the SHSMD Advisory Board, we want to hear from you.   

Please contact SHSMD Executive Director, Diane Weber at 312.422.3888 or dweber@aha.org if you have questions. We look forward to hearing from you.



Alan Shoebridge

Associate VP for National Communication
Providence Health & Services - Oregon
Portland, OR

Chair of SHSMD Nominating Committee 


March 8, 2024Deadline: Call for Nominations
April – May, 2024Comprehensive review of candidates by committee
May 15 - 20, 2024Slated candidates notified
July - August 2024SHSMD Advisory Board elections (30 days)
October 2024Announcement at SHSMD Connections Annual Conference


Roles and Responsibilities

Board Members

The SHSMD Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity within the guidelines established by the American Hospital Association and is composed of PMG members who provide unique knowledge and skills, strategic perspective, and insight.  The SHSMD Advisory Board advises the SHSMD Executive Committee on the profession, culture, and advocacy/policy issues of the membership. Advisory Board members act in good faith and with reasonable care, and are loyal to SHSMD and the AHA as a whole, avoiding conflicts of interest.

Key Duties

  • Provide thought leadership from the field.
  • Participate in the strategic planning process to propose programmatic, policy, and advocacy strategic goals that further the mission of SHSMD and AHA.  
  • Annually evaluate progress on the strategic plan.
  • Oversee committees designed to execute on strategic plan or programmatic needs. Serve as a member, leader or advisory board liaison as requested on committees or task forces or other groups. 
  • Provide recommendations to the AHA in formulating policy in representation of the profession. Collaborate with AHA on initiatives of shared interest.
  • Serve as an advocate for all SHSMD members; represent the interests of health care strategy and related professional roles (planning, marketing, business development, communications and other related disciplines).
  • Serve as an advocate for the Society when participating in other associations' educational programs and activities.
  • Provide input into ongoing membership recruitment, retention and engagement strategies.
  • Provide input into development of programs and services.
  • Provide input into the membership, work plans and performance of committees, task forces and other ad hoc advisory groups.
  • Offer comments annually regarding the performance of the PMG Executive Director.
  • Commitment to SHSMD’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging priorities.

Selected candidates are slated by the Nominating Committee to serve a three-year term of office. Individuals are eligible to serve a second consecutive three-year term. 


The SHSMD President-elect, one of five voting members of the SHSMD Executive Committee*, provides leadership to the Society in carrying out the organization’s vision, mission, strategies and objectives.

Key Duties

  • Performs the duties of the SHSMD President whenever the president shall be unable to do so.
  • Fully engages in the work of the SHSMD Executive Committee and supports its decisions with the SHSMD Advisory Board and the membership.
  • Periodically reviews governance policies and makes recommendations for amendments to the SHSMD Advisory Board and Executive Committee for their consideration.
  • Appoints committee and task force chairpersons with SHSMD Executive Committee and advisory board input for his/her term of office as SHSMD President.
  • Facilitates leadership development within the organization.
  • Participates in new board member orientation.
  • Commitment to SHSMD’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging priorities.

In evaluating nominees for SHSMD President-elect, the SHSMD Nominating Committee will utilize criteria such as:

  • Demonstrated leadership characteristics such as:
    • Strategic perspective
    • Influencing and negotiating skills
    • Demonstrated judgment
    • Visionary and breakthrough thinking
    • Implementation skills
    • Communication skills
    • Consensus building skills
    • Facilitation skills
  • Experience in health care, including strategic planning, business development, marketing, communications, public relations and physician relations
  • Contributions to the health care field and the strategy disciplines
  • Demonstrated leadership during tenure on SHSMD Advisory Board*
  • Definitive contributions to the Society’s goals and objectives during SHSMD Advisory Board tenure*


The SHSMD President, one of five voting members of the SHSMD Executive Committee*, provides leadership guidance to the SHSMD Advisory Board, committee and task force chairpersons, members and staff in carrying out the organization’s vision, mission, strategies and objectives.

Key Duties

  • Leads the SHSMD Advisory Board in setting and pivoting the strategic direction, evaluating progress on the strategic plan.
  • Chairs all advisory board meetings, SHSMD Executive Committee meetings, the Society’s annual meeting and any special meetings of the membership that may be called.
  • Appoints committee and task force chairpersons with SHSMD Executive Committee input.
  • Coordinates and serves as a channel of communication among officers, advisory board members, committee and task force chairpersons and other leadership groups within the association.
  • With the SHSMD Executive Committee, helps ensures all activities of the SHSMD Executive Committee and advisory board are in compliance with the Society Charter and conflict of interest guidelines.
  • Serves as the chief elected spokesperson for the Society.
  • Represents the Society at appropriate meetings and events sponsored by the Society, the American Hospital Association and other organizations.
  • Ensures effective transition of officers at conclusion of presidential term.
  • Ensures strategic planning and implementation during the term of office and during the SHSMD Executive Committee’s transition period.
  • Commitment to SHSMD’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging priorities.

Note: SHSMD reimburses board members for travel expenses related to participation in board meetings, however, board members are expected to attend SHSMD Connections at their own expense.

* The SHSMD Executive Committee is composed of three advisory board officers (who must work for hospitals or health systems), the SHSMD Executive Director, and a member of AHA’s Executive Management Group. The SHSMD Executive Committee endeavors to confirm that the mission and strategic plan developed by the advisory board of SHSMD is in harmony with the mission, goals and interests of the AHA as a whole, ensure that the programmatic direction of the PMG is in alignment with the strategic plan, and ensures the annual operational budget prioritizes resources to support the strategic plan.