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Join this webinar to learn how the next generation of patient acquisition and retention strategies are driven by best next action insights that combine data sources into a single market view.
How can marketing and public relations practitioners help their organizations make a measurable difference in population health? At Onslow Memorial Hospital (OMH) in North Carolina, Amy Cain-Sousa, senior vice president of public relations/marketing, has found that creating an online community dedicated to wellness can be an effective first step.
SHSMD ADVANCE™ is a comprehensive learning framework that includes a series of skill building tools that will help you and your health care strategy team assess, build, and promote your strategic abilities.
Attend this session to learn how to develop quarterly C-suite dashboards that summarize the metrics that matter, such as lead-to-patient conversion rates, marketing's impact on payor mix, marketing ROI, and revenue contribution.
This session will assess University of Michigan Health System’s approach to implementing virtual health, and present an evaluation framework and business case for a range of virtual health initiatives.
In today's healthcare landscape it's critical for marketing departments to be able to demonstrate they are not merely "a cost of doing business" but rather an asset that can contribute to the organizational bottom line. But how? Read more about one healthcare organization's journey to measuring marketing performance.
Learn how hospitals and health systems are using five key data elements to ensure Cupid’s arrow hits the right targets at the right time.
Participate in a panel discussion with marketing professionals from three rural hospitals to understand why you don't need the extensive resources of the big urban hospitals to create successful marketing campaigns. All three hospitals faced competition from and outmigration to larger systems within driving distance. Listen to the three case studies of each hospital, presented by the marketing professionals whose clear knowledge of their community, matched with innovative ideas, led to strong marketing ROIs.
Leverage the revenue producing results from your marketing efforts to support and grow marketing budgets and change the way your organization thinks about marketing. Hear how other industries and SCL Health is changing the role of marketing from supporting lines of business to being considered their own profit center. Learn how to build a return on investment performance process to improve/create strategies and more effective implementations with robust measurement practices.
Several case studies from UC Davis Health will illustrate how best to use digital display, video, mobile and social ads to maximize audience reach and traffic to your landing pages.
We are in a renaissance. The rate of change in the healthcare marketplace is moving at an accelerated pace. There are more opportunities than ever before for healthcare strategists, but there are greater challenges to refine and build upon their skillsets in preparation for an unknown future. Read about the skills and attributes necessary to succeed in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment.
In this session, you will learn how North Memorial Health Care and Carrot Health combined medical records and consumer data to develop a novel, highly targeted approach to consumer outreach for a new urgency center facility in Minneapolis.
This presentation will focus on Hartford HealthCare's rapid-cycle approach to business development.
This session will explore one institution's journey toward proving the impact consumer marketing can have on driving patient visits and ROI without CRM software.
This session will focus on two case studies that demonstrate leadership techniques to address the internal and external expectations with practical examples and demonstrated results. Attendees will see how reports can motivate everyone. The session will end with a list of 10 must-haves to assure program leaders are nimble and ready to address their role in the present environment and in the future.
Through a three-year case study, this session will cover defining the strategies for the most important aspects of strategic growth on the physician side as well as the consumer side, and highlight the tangible ROI results that one system achieved.
This white paper establishes a set of metrics that will help marketers demonstrate their financial contribution to their health care system as well as a handy "how to get started" section. Be sure to replay the SHSMD U webcast on this topic, too.
Houston Methodist will demonstrate how they were able to improve as well as sustain patient satisfaction scores across Medical-Surgical Units, ICUs, and Women’s Services of 7-hospitals with the implementation of a multidisciplinary “Playbook” incorporating change management methodologies.