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By the Numbers: MarCom

How much should we be budgeting for marketing & communications? What is the right marketing mix?

Explore and compare how other organizations like yours are investing in MarCom.

Backed by the power of Endeavor Analytics, By the Numbers: MarCom empowers users to drive meaningful decisions about MarCom spending by benchmarking against similar health care organizations. Subscribers can use interactive analytic dashboards to uncover actionable insights and improve their understanding of industry best practices.

Key Benchmarks

  • Detailed breakdown of the level of resources (budget and headcount) dedicated to marketing and communication function.
  • Centralized vs. de-centralized resource distribution/management.
  • Level of investment on social media tools, reputation management, and advertising.
  • Spend on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) communications and initiatives.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy to enter your data into the dashboard, compare yourself to peers of your choice, and access marketing/communications budgets and resource allocation in a comprehensive way. There are two levels to choose from:

  1. Contributor: Contribute your MarCom data and get an instant 2020 flash report comparison at no cost.
  2. Subscriber: If you want to unlock the full potential of the interactive dashboard tool, become a subscriber. See below for full subscriber benefits and pricing.
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The ONLY MarCom benchmarking program designed BY and FOR national health care leaders


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“No matter what field you are in, if you don’t set up a baseline, you are setting yourself up for defeat. Using this benchmark surveys allow us to establish a baseline that is more specific to our medical field than most other benchmarking surveys.”

Brian Sterchele

Business Manager of Marketing and Communications, The University of Chicago Medicine


“Because of the benchmark research I no longer live in fear of a consultant telling my Chief Finance Officer how much we should be spending on marketing. Our CMO and CFO are able to select which health systems are in our benchmark and know with confidence that we are comparing our spend to that of similar organizations.”

Peter Miller

Marketing & Communications, Cleveland Clinic