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As patients become more consumer minded, marketing leaders are embracing technological and data-driven solutions that prioritize patient experience. Health care executives who have led successful transformation.
The most timely and reliable health care strategy and market development programming happens at SHSMD's Connections Conference. The field comes together to share their findings, challenges and best practices with the shared goal of advancing health care.Strategists from every stage of their careers can benefit from sessions and networking at the SHSMD Connections 2024 in Denver, Colorado.Attendees can expect:
A report from the 2022 Thought Leader Forum The new skill required of health care leaders today is the ability to drive transformational change optimizing our core businesses while positioning our organizations for big, future-oriented moves. But where do we begin?
In this three-part workshop series led by a former health system CEO and authority on staff engagement, we’ll explore recent research around the changing workplace climate and specific leadership practices that can combat disengagement and burnout at all levels of the organization.
This session from SHSMD Connections Bytes highlights a toolkit for strategy development and alignment.
Join M. Bridget Duffy, M.D., chief medical officer of Vocera Communications Inc., for a SHSMD webinar featuring an important discussion about the benefits of embracing human-centered leadership. Duffy is the subject matter expert for the article Frictionless Health Care Requires a Connected Healing Ecosystem in the society’s Futurescan 2020 publication highlighting important trends in health care. She will be joined in the webinar by Liz Boehm, executive strategist, human-centered research at the Experience Innovation Network.
This discussion with Justin Bhandari, VP Operations at post-acute care partner organization MPAC Healthcare, will cover the ways the MPAC leadership team has adjusted in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
When Ascension's leadership began implementing a major strategic shift away from its distributive leadership model to form a cohesive health system operating hospitals, medical groups and clinics across the country, that had to change.