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Most people see a doctor about twice per year. The rest of the year, they make decisions every day that impact their health. Checking in between encounters has traditionally been a function of case managers dealing with high-risk patients; there aren't enough to reach out to the rest of the population. Automated chatbot conversations allow check-ins with all people in a community, gather health data, and provide information, all with a "cool" interface and phenomenal engagement.
A retail health initiative calls for careful planning. Here are five keys to a successful retail strategy.
The emergency department (ED) is often considered to be the hospital's "front door." For this reason, healthcare strategists have historically focused their attention—and marketing dollars—on driving ED volume, which subsequently drives inpatient admissions, surgical procedures, diagnostic testing, contribution margin, and net revenue.
At the 2016 Thought Leader Forum held at SHSMD's annual conference, a diverse panel of health care professionals shared their insights and perspectives on change leadership.
The Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) is pleased to present a webinar featuring panelists of the SHSMD Thought Leader Forum held at the 2014 SHSMD annual conference in San Diego. We have reassembled the expert panel who will address a variety of topics.