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Insight and guidance on how to achieve measurable SEO results. With Google’s most recent algorithm update already underway, User Experience (UX) is more important than ever.
Attend this session and learn how UNC Health Care and Geonetric used extensive web analytics and stakeholder feedback to create a comprehensive location strategy, with special attention paid to UNC Health Care’s specialty clinics.
Learn how one health system has made a rapid conversion from a traditional marketing platform to an integrated, digitally focused program.
This case study will examine how Boston Medical Center implemented an integrated, multichannel marketing campaign to acquire more than 2,000 new primary care patients within one year.
The age of consumer empowerment has arrived in the health care industry. Medical patients are now acting like informed customers, using digital to get what they want when they want it -- a phenomenon known as "the Uber effect." Medical providers have a strong opportunity to respond to the empowered patient by forming a more collaborative, intimate relationship built on location marketing.
Attendees will hear how Olmsted Medical Center invested in content and search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the visibility of its women's services among health consumers.