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A recent study by Adobe found that American consumers spend an average of 7.8 hours a day engaging with digital content—about the same amount of time they spend sleeping. Marketing leadership at Children's Health in Dallas, Texas saw this trend as both a challenge and an opportunity. Read about their approach to marketing automation in this article.
It's no secret—when it comes to marketing automation, healthcare is behind the times. According to a study by Ovum1, our field falls into the "laggards" category in the adoption of marketing automation, meaning most organizations have avoided wholesale adoption until now. This presents a tremendous opportunity for healthcare marketers.
The PowerPoint presentation, Futurescan 2015, features highlights from the latest edition of Futurescan, one of the industry's most respected healthcare trends forecasts
Henry Ford Health System offers many services and convenient options to the population it serves, but new patients were often unaware of these benefits.