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In an era when "content is king," storytelling has never been more crucial for setting a health care organization apart from the competition. Here are five tips for finding compelling health care stories in your organization.
A well told story can be a powerful marketing tool, especially in healthcare. One patient's experience can impact a prospective patient's thinking, actions, and behaviors, enabling them to explore potential healthcare decisions through a highly personal lens. This article explores the success of a campaign that El Camino Hospital implemented to share patient narratives.
As healthcare professionals, you are surrounded by the greatest stories on the planet. Your work isn't just about data and credentials. It's about people. It's about saving lives and changing lives, every single day. Here are a few ways to effectively tell a story.
We are in a renaissance. The rate of change in the healthcare marketplace is moving at an accelerated pace. There are more opportunities than ever before for healthcare strategists, but there are greater challenges to refine and build upon their skillsets in preparation for an unknown future. Read about the skills and attributes necessary to succeed in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment.
Brooks Rehabilitation leverages video to share compelling patient experiences. Anyone who works in our field could tell you a touching tale of compassion or relate an inspiring story of recovery against all odds. This is what is unique about healthcare. Powerful stories are happening every day. So how do we effectively tell compelling stories that connect us with our audiences? How do we create content that engages by unlocking emotion?