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In today's competitive health care environment, physician engagement is a top strategy for increasing referrals and market share. As a relatively new regional health system, Trinity Health of New England needed to go beyond mere engagement to align employed and community-based physicians with organizational priorities for a shared mission, clinical integration and revenue growth.
What's your role in working with and communicating to your physicians? Fresh off a recent lively discussion on the topic with the medical staff at University of Iowa (UI) Health Care, here are ten steps you can take to refresh your physician communications.
The shifting healthcare landscape is requiring hospitals and health system strategists to take aggressive approaches to every aspect of their operations, including how to align physicians with their healthcare network and advertise them to the community. Read more about the key to addressing these challenges.
As hospitals and health systems increasingly implement physician alignment strategies, physician relations teams must concentrate on ways they can bring value to their organizations in this new environment. This article explores the ways in which physician relations professionals can be more engaged in physician alignment.
Many hospital marketers want to engage physicians in marketing campaigns. This usually involves physicians sitting for interviews, posing for photos, and signing off on tag lines. But this level of engagement is only a start.
"Leakage" is a buzzword today, especially for physician relations professionals and healthcare strategists as they prepare for the future of network referral management. Simply defined, leakage is what happens when primary care physicians send their patients to out-of-system providers rather than to those within your organization's network.