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SHSMD Leadership Excellence Award

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A lifetime achievement award for outstanding leaders.

This award honors outstanding leaders who have contributed to the field of health care strategy, including marketers, strategic planners, business developers and communications/PR leaders—individuals who are truly exemplars of the strategy professions and can demonstrate a career lifetime of stellar achievement.

What do the recipients get?

  • Engraved prestigious award.
  • Complimentary registration to SHSMD 2020 virtual conference and SHSMD 2021 Connections conference in San Antonio.
  • Invitation to participate in a virtual recognition event with the SHSMD Board President which will be recorded and shared with the SHSMD membership. 
  • VIP guest to the President’s Reception at SHSMD Connections 2021.
  • Invitation to be featured in a Leadership Excellence Award podcast to be shared with the SHSMD membership. 
  • Will be honored during the Member Spotlight segment of the SHSMD Connections 2021 conference.
  • Complimentary access to up to 5 guests during the Member Spotlight segment of the 2021 annual conference.
  • Recognition on SHSMD Web site and various communication channels.


  • Must be a SHSMD member in good standing for at least ten years with demonstrated volunteer leadership involvement 
  • Twenty or more years of experience in the strategy professions - marketing, strategic planning, communications/PR, business development or physician strategies - including at least five years in the health care field. 
  • Nominees may not be currently serving on the SHSMD Board; however, past SHSMD Board members may be nominated.


Nominees’ career achievements will be judged on the following criteria.  Peers will be looking for evidence of these criteria throughout the individual’s career.  

Innovation (25%)
Demonstrated creativity, diversity of thought and nimbleness to exceed the rate of change (identified in Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Healthcare Strategist) through innovative use of solid marketing, planning, business development, or communications/PR techniques including—but not limited to—new product development, product line management, sales, community relations, environmental analysis, competitor assessment, needs assessment, forecasting or network development.

Enhancement of the profession (25%)
Participated in professional organizations, publications in the professional literature, professional public speaking and/or enhancing the credibility of the profession.

Career achievements and progression (25%)
Demonstrated significant career progression, documented results and work that is reflective of the implications identified in Bridging Worlds.

Exceptional personal qualities and leadership abilities (15%)
Exemplified SHSMD values. Demonstrated integrity, ability to work with diverse groups, motivating and mentoring others, and representing the values of our profession to people in other disciplines/other fields

Stewardship (10%)
Demonstrated mentorship and professional involvement on a local, regional and/or national level.  Community-level involvement may also be considered.

Nomination Process

Self-nominations will not be considered.  Nominators must complete on online form that includes several attachments:

  • The nominee’s professional resume or CV.
  • A maximum of 3 letters of recommendation conveying the impact the individual has had on the industry and the profession.  At least one of the letters should be from a senior executive/C-Suite leader (or CEO) from health care organization where the individual serves(ed). At least one of the letters must be from someone who has directly supervised or has had significant work experience with the nominee.
    • Note: Family members or others with a personal connection to one or more nominees, or others with a potential conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest will abstain from providing letters of recommendation.

To nominate a colleague, please gather all documentation, then complete the online nomination form and all required components no later than May 15, 2020. NOTE: It is recommended that this downloadable form be used to conduct any pre-work before completing the online nomination form.


  1. Who is eligible for SHSMD recognition or awards?
    • SHSMD members in good standing are eligible for recognition.  Leadership Excellence award eligibility is more specific in terms of longevity and volunteer leadership with SHSMD. For specific details, please see the criteria. 
  2. Who is eligible to nominate?
    • Anyone can nominate, as long as there is no conflict of interest. Self-nominations are allowed for Rising Stars, but not for the Leadership Excellence award.
  3. Can I make multiple nominations?
    • Multiple nominations are allowed.
  4. Do recipients have to attend the Annual Conference?
    • Recipients are strongly encouraged to attend and are provided with complimentary registration, but it is not mandatory.
  5. What is the conflict of interest policy?
    • Nominators and those providing letters of recommendation must avoid any conflict of interest or perception of conflict of interest. This could include family members or those with a financial business relationship or personal connection to one or more nominees.  
    • Nominators are allowed to nominate supervisors or supervisees but are required to state any relevant reporting information in the nomination.
    • SHSMD staff are not allowed to provide nominations or letters of recommendation and may not assist in the preparing of nominations beyond technical support for logistics of submission. 
    • Nominees for the Leadership Excellence Award may not be current Board members. Past Board members are eligible, however.

Past Recipients

Linda MacCracken

Larry Margolis

Jeffrey Kraut

Terri McNorton

Kristen Barlow
Sue Jablonski

Lisa Schiller

Susan Alcorn

Karen Corrigan

John Eudes

Joel English
Diane Stover

Ruth Colby

Don Seymour
Kenneth Trester

Pamela Bilbrey

David Marlowe

Russell Coile, Jr.

Scott Regan

Carolyn Hightower

Susan Dubuque
Susanna Krentz

Greg Waskul
Rhoda Weiss