The Power Behind Effective Storytelling in Health Care

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Great marketing is storytelling, and nowhere else does storytelling garner more emotion than in health care. After all, we are sharing stories that provide hope, instill trust, and inspire people to take action. Stories can save lives. In all health care organizations, there are a myriad of stories waiting to be uncovered, but being able to find the right angle, the right data and the right channels for sharing the stories (at the right time) is essential. Just as importantly, the stories and their messages must properly reflect your brand's personality and content strategy, compliment all other communications, and align with your strategic goals. And when they do, you begin to build a "brand narrative" that impacts both internal and external audiences.
SHSMD is excited to once again offer the SHSMD ADVANCE™ Credential Series “Effective Storytelling in Health Care”, narrated by expert storytellers, who will guide you through the process of storytelling and share a variety of best practices in and out-of-industry. You will walk away from this course with many actionable ideas ready to be implemented, including:

  1. How to develop your storytelling team across organizational silos to uncover data and content
  2. An understanding of narrative arc and the importance of tying the story to your brand and content strategy
  3. Determining which stories to select, which channels to utilize, and how to create and promote them (iPhone video versus Facebook or blog or all of them)
  4. Metrics for measuring your storytelling success and how to report these findings through internal storytelling methods
  5. How other marketers, both in and outside the health care industry, are using stories to advance their brands

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This course will consist of six live webcasts, additional resources (articles, checklists, templates), discussion board assignments spurring the sharing of best practices, and a final exam. Completion of all discussion board assignments and successfully passing the exam will result in a SHSMD ADVANCE™ | Credential in Healthcare Storytelling. (Not applicable for on-demand courses.)  

All live webcasts will be held on Tuesdays, from Noon–1:00pm Central. In case you are not able to join the live session, all webcasts will be recorded and available to access (24/7) throughout the duration of the course.

TBD | Module 1: Why Tell Stories  
TBD | Module 2: Strategy for Stories
TBD | Module 3: Telling Stories
TBD | Module 4: Activating Stories
TBD | Module 5: Measuring Success
TBD | Module 6: Case Histories

Course outline

Module 1: Why Tell Stories
Presenters: Mark Baas and Amy Shepard, Baas Creative

  • Understanding the science of Storytelling and Human Connection. Finding yourself in the story.
  • The Brain: Oxytocin Study
  • Unprecedented times-relationships with brands
  • Every social movement has a story
  • Every relationship has a story
  • There is power in telling

Module 2: Strategy for Stories 
Presenters: Mark Baas and Amy Shepard, Baas Creative

  • Building your brand narrative. Building your story based on your organization’s internal and external behavioral change model
  • Strategic Storytelling: Aligning Business Strategy with Story
  • What are Your Stories Saying about Your Brand?
  • Finding Your Audience: Who is listening?
  • Not All Stories Are Equal: What Stories Do You Want Others to Tell?
  • The Story Landscape: Where Will Your Stories Live?

Module 3: Telling Stories
Presenters: Mark Baas and Amy Shepard, Baas Creative

Learning and understanding the narrative arc and development. What influences storytelling?

  • A practical guide to telling compelling stories for your organization.
  • A Simple Guide to Structure: How to Develop a Compelling Narrative Arc 
  • How to Position Your Customer as the Hero, and Your Brand as the Guide\
  • Why Choosing a Great Character is Vital
  • How to Build Tension: Embrace Conflict in Your Story
  • Practical Tips to Leverage Empathy to Conduct a Great Interview
  • The Post-Production Litmus Test: What’s Going to Happen Next? 
  • Storytelling resources

Module 4: Activating Stories
Presenter: Patti Bridge, Laughlin Constable

  • Finding stories
  • Creating a “story” culture
  • Story evaluation / criteria
  • Legal considerations
  • Story activation
  • Paid, earned and owned channels
  • Digital
  • Social activation
  • Creating ambassadors
  • Key takeaways

Module 5: Measurement / Creative
Presenter: Patti Bridge, Laughlin Constable

  • Measurement for storytelling
  • Stories well told (examples of good storytelling in and outside health care)

Module 6: Case Histories / Q&A
Panel of three health care providers will share how they have used storytelling, how it’s helped their brand, and what they’ve learned.

Course/Credential Requirements:

The credential holder demonstrates their knowledge through successfully passing a final exam. Additional criteria required to earn the certificate include:

  • Viewing a minimum of 6 hours of online presentations
  • Successful completion of the final exam covering the  content of the five modules with a passing score of 70%
  • Active participation in required discussion board  assignments
  • Completion of any additional readings/assignments required by faculty