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Winning the Modern Health Care Consumer: Candid Insights and Clear Action Steps

Prior to COVID-19, modern health care consumers already viewed the hospital model as increasingly obsolete amidst burgeoning care choices. The ongoing pandemic has dramatically accelerated this trend, demonstrated by both ongoing consumer concern about returning to hospitals and skyrocketing virtual care growth.

Yet many hospital leaders are struggling to find clear strategic direction as a “new normal” takes shape. This session features new research illustrating the gulf between consumers and providers, insights on the potential long-term impacts of COVID-19, and proven strategies for how providers can close the gap:

  • Redesign the delivery system. Reshape routine care for consumers seeking the right care at the right place and the right price.
  • Optimize pricing. Pursue consumer-driven pricing to unlock brand value and build consumer loyalty.
  • Organize for permanent change. Implement fundamental, innovative change.
  • Measure what matters. Rethink how success is measured, analyzed, and reported.

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