The Patient Experience in 2020: Optimizing for Voice Search | Recording

Over 1 billion health-related searches are made on Google daily, the need for health care organizations to provide their patients with quick, clear, and accurate information is vital. Today, 19.1 million people, and counting, have turned to voice assistants for health care-related information. As more and more people turn to contactless solutions for everyday problems, health care brands need to ensure they can deliver the best possible patient experience no matter where it takes place. Join Chatmeter’s Founder and CEO Collin Holmes with special guest, Bret Kinsella from, as they discuss the role of voice search in health care.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How patients are using voice assistants.
  • What goes into a voice search optimization strategy?
  • Why brands should optimize their locations for voice search.

Sponsored by Chatmeter.*

Webinar Recording

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