A New Approach to Planning: Using a Scoring System in a Continuum of Care Gap Analysis


Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) developed a methodology to prioritize a list of identified gaps in order to allocate resources for the coming and subsequent years. While evaluating opportunities for growth outside the hospital, AAMC developed a new approach to examining the continuum of care across all settings, including in the hospital, community, practitioner offices, ambulatory-based care, tertiary & quaternary care and post-acute care settings. Previously, there had been no standardized method for prioritizing initiatives across the entire health system.

After identifying gaps in services provided by AAMC in the continuum, AAMC then faced the challenge of prioritizing initiatives to close gaps, given a limited set of resources. AAMC developed a methodology to narrow the list of gaps in order to arrive at a manageable workload of priorities for the coming and subsequent years.

Download the one-page storyboard below.

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