Come Together, Right Now: Two Approaches To Building Identity, Alignment, Engagement, And Integration


As economic reform and regulatory forces accelerate physician group practice formation, health systems must bring diverse personalities and priorities together. Imagine groups that combine academic and community-based physicians, span facilities large and small (sometimes across state lines), and merge differing views about compensation and the role of advanced practice providers. They might say, “I know you, you know me,” but often that’s all! Through two academic-community systems, each with their own approach to a similar challenge, we explore how the brand and identity strategy process was a powerful tool to meet these complex forces and catalyze their “Come Together” journey.

  • Daniel, Miers, Chief Strategy Officer, SPM Marketing & Communications,
  • Theresa Alberghini DiPalma, Network Sr. Vice President of Marketing and External Relations, The University of Vermont Medical Center
  • Gayle Sweitzer, Vice President, The University of Kansas Health System

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