Scripps Health's Approach to Patient Storytelling: Capturing the Voice of the Patient through Philanthropy


Scripps cares for more than 500,000 patients annually, with the goal of delivering excellence in medical care and patient experience. As a non-profit, they rely on philanthropy to help achieve that goal. Session attendees will see an interactive case study with a live demo to learn how Scripps engages patients in-facility, encourages them to share their experience through personal caregiver stories, while educating them on the role of philanthropy and inspiring them to give. Attendees will get actionable insights from this program that has generated nearly 500 stories, publicly recognized hundreds of employees and raised tens of thousands of dollars.

  • John Simpson, President and Co-Founder, Digital Health Strategies
  • Christine Clay, Senior Director, Brand Strategy and System Mktg, Scripps Health

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