2019 SHSMD Connections Conference Education: Cross Functional

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Diary of an Innovation Team: Victories, Stumbles, and Lessons Learned

“Innovation” means different things to different people, and if that word is in your job description, it can be a predicament. Take a peek behind the curtain of Banner Health’s innovation team to learn how they created their own definitions, and endured more than a few failures.


Russell Maloney, Director, Consumer Insights, Banner Health
Mark Jannone, Sr. Director, Ambulatory Innovation, Banner Health


Planning a Turnaround: Regaining Trust and Commitment to Improve Performance

While “turnaround” is usually associated with financial performance, multiple strategic and operational factors must be considered to put an organization back on a positive, sustainable path to success. In 2017, Summa Health went through a disruptive change that resulted in a significant loss of market share, poor financial results and major reputational damage. This session will highlight: how and why executives immediately recognized that engagement of staff and physicians had to be top priorities; tactics they implemented to rebuild culture; and the positive results the system has achieved.


Burl Stamp, President/Founder, Stamp & Chase, Inc.
Benjamin Sutton, Senior VP, Strategy and Performance Management, Summa Health


Population Health Defined and Explored

For some health systems, the concept of population health is an enigma, for others it is standard operating procedure. But for most, it is a function managed by community health on one end of the spectrum and chronic disease case managers on the other. So where does strategy, marketing and communications fit into the emerging population health world? In this working session, we will strive to answer that very question by exploring and defining important issues such as:

  • The perceptions and reality of population health in the healthcare industry today
  • The needs related to population health
  • The role of strategy, marketing and communications in population health initiatives
  • The barriers that prevent organizations from engaging in population health initiatives
  • What we think the future of population health activation will look like
  • How strategy professionals assume a leadership role in planning for population health


Susan Dubuque, Principal, NDP Agency


Quick to Market: Implementing a Rapid Innovation Process to Drive Customer Satisfaction

As convenience upstages loyalty, health care systems must nimbly respond to evolving consumer demands by innovating quickly and efficiently, maximizing customer satisfaction while controlling costs. Learn how CoxHealth is navigating this complex value equation by implementing the IN-90 process. Designed to tackle innovation problems and produce solutions ready for implementation in 90 days, the CoxHealth team has harnessed the power of the process to make operational consumer-centric services like Save My Spot, telespeech for schools and Imprivata palm scanning, designed to improve efficiency and elevate satisfaction.


Jann Holland, Vice President, Marketing & Corp Communications, CoxHealth
Scott Rogers, System Director of Innovation, CoxHealth


Voices Behind the Data

Health care is more and more a numbers-driven industry. From multiple CAPHS to reimbursement based on performance to national percentile rankings. While data is important to ensure performance, it is essential that organizations do not lose sight of the true human encounters that formulate impressions. This session will present specific health care customer experience data, focused on both traditional survey methods and person-on-the street interviews just prior to the conference. The voices behind the data will come from customers talking about their real-life experiences. Words and emotions from consumers, overlaid with themes from surveys, makes the data come alive.


Kevin Stranberg, Director of Strategy and Public Experience, Memorial Medical Center of Ashland
Marsha Hystead, Senior Vp/senior Creative Dr, Hailey Sault