2019 SHSMD Connections Conference Education: Strategic Planning & Business Development

SHSMD is pleased to offer its members free access to continuing education opportunities through these recorded sessions.
Included below are presentation materials and recordings/video.


Developing Virtual Care Strategies That Advance the Quadruple Aim

Virtual care is emerging as a powerful way to attract patients and differentiate provider brands in competitive markets. This session will uncover how One Medical has capitalized on virtual care, including live video, chat, and asynchronous triage, to become the largest independent primary care system in the country with 500% higher virtual utilization than the industry average. Participants will learn how to use virtual services to drive patient growth, boost provider retention and improve access to care.


Paul Cohen, VP, Strategy, One Medical
William Kimbrough, National Virtual Medical Director, One Medical


Practical Disruption Models and Tools to Enhance Your Health Care Strategy, Create Innovative Ambulatory Delivery Models, and Segment the Market

This session will focus on practical, proven case studies that can be employed to disrupt your local market competition and prepare your organization for outside entrants across your health care platform. You will review disruption strategies that grow share, differentiate your services, increase efficiencies, and improve care quality and patient access to care.


Craig Ahrens, Managing Director, Ankura
Gaurov Dayal, President, New Markets and Chief Growth Officer, Chenmed
Ethan Franklin, Senior Managing Director, Ankura Consulting


Right Place, Right Time, Right Service: Managing Behavioral Health Patients in a High-Performance Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) – A model for today and tomorrow that saves lives and bends the cost curve!

WakeMed Behavioral Health Network (WBHN) is a clinically integrated network (CIN) that includes an anchor Health System (WakeMed Health & Hospitals), inpatient behavioral health hospitals (totaling over 750 beds), outpatient behavioral health organizations (representing ten (10) regional providers with over 400 clinicians), and community based social service organizations (CBO’s) targeting social determinant of health (SODH) needs. Early outcomes have increased patient access to care significantly, and decreased both avoidable bed days by 40% and length-of-stay by 27%, which has resulted in a $10M + positive annual P&L impact for the Health System, and is attracting regional managed-care and accountable care organization (ACO) interest.


Michael Rhoades, CEO, Blaze Advisors
Richard Shrum, VP, Chief Strategy Officer, WakeMed Health & Hospitals


Through the Eyes of Millennials: Reshaping Health Care’s Future

The future is all about the battle for health care’s “front door,” and millennials are knocking hard. Now the largest U.S. population segment, millennials are driving change in numerous industries, including health care. In a world of instant messaging, same-day delivery and constant access, millennial consumers have high expectations of quality, convenience and cost. New research illustrates how those expectations affect health care.

Children’s hospitals are on the front lines, as millennial parents manifest clear care-delivery expectations for their children and for themselves going forward. Drawn from extensive proprietary research, this session reveals what providers must do to win the next generation.


Paul Crnkovich, Managing Director, Kaufman Hall
Dan Clarin, Senior Vice President, Kaufman, Hall & Associates, LLC


Transforming Physician Relations: The Why, the How and the Results

Transformation is the name of the game in nearly every health care organization. We see it from care delivery to alignment strategies to strengthening market position. As organizations make essential and sometimes disruptive strategic changes, it’s vital for physician relations to ask what needs to change to support the future direction of the organization. This session will explore how to audit the effectiveness of your model and strategy, what changes to make and the process to get there.


Susan Boydell, Partner, Barlow/McCarthy
Becky Lathrop, Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital