Definition: Generate new and unique ideas; make connections among unrelated concepts; generate new thinking.

Relates to: Tell Stories. Create Experiences


  1. Practice stripping away your preconceived notions of an object by describing it without reference to its usual function, including its material, shape, and size.
  2. Look for new sources of ideas from unexpected perspectives. 
  3. When looking for solutions to problems, ask participants to take on different perspectives. How would Bill Gates, Luke Skywalker, Amelia Earhart, Mary Poppins, Mr. Rogers, Rosa Parks, Lara Croft or other famous people or fictional characters approach the question? Consider asking people to pair off in pairs or groups, such as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley in one group and Batman and the Joker in another. 
  4. Build innovation habits; share new learning with peers and mentors.