SHSMD ADVANCE™ | Assess - A Self-Assessment for Healthcare Strategists

SHSMD Advance Assess


As of March 2022, SHSMD ADVANCE is taking a break and looking to resume again in 2023! Tell us what you think about the assessment tool. We are open to your feedback! Contact us here.


Take SHSMD ADVANCE™| Assess—a ~15-minute online self-assessment for healthcare strategists (free to SHSMD members). In this step of SHSMD ADVANCE™, you will take a private assessment of the 64 skills and attributes identified in Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Healthcare Strategist. Taking this self-assessment will help you identify your greatest strengths and skill gaps so that you can reach your full potential.

EASY-TO-USE QUIZ FORMAT. The quiz-formatted assessment allows you to self-rate your performance in a particular skill and then rate how important you view that skill to your role. Example below.


PRIVATE, PERSONALIZED SKILL REPORT. The online self-assessment takes approximately 15 minutes, and after, you will be provided with a detailed report. Your personal and private report will highlight areas that are your greatest strengths and note your skill gaps—or areas where you rated a skill of high importance to your role, but which you view your performance in that skill as low. The SHSMD ADVANCE™| Assess report will help guide your efforts in improving the necessary skills to be more valued and effective in your role as a healthcare strategist. Example below. 

Note: You can save your progress while taking your self-assessment. However, responses to your self-assessment will be final once clicking ‘Submit.’ Take care in answering honestly and thoughtfully.  No one but you will see your results.

Have you already completed SHSMD ADVANCE™| Assess?
Take the next step with SHSMD ADVANCE™| Skill Builder. This library of resources is tailored to the skill ratings of your self-assessment. Nearly 500 articles, books, online courses, and tools are available.

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