Descriptions | Digital Communications in Health Care: What You Should Know


Digital Path to Treatment: Google Insights on Harnessing the Power of Video and Mobile
Mobile is now the main device used for health searches and video is a vital means to share essential content and educate the public. Both trends are allowing consumers to find answers whenever and wherever to act immediately. As a marketer, this has enormous implications in the way you interact with consumers through their healthcare journey. Learn Google’s insights on how to improve your mobile and digital video performance to impact the patient experience and empower consumers to take action.

  • Kevin Lao, Head of Healthcare Insights & Training, Google LLC

Lights, Camera, Action: How to Roll Out a Winning Video Content Strategy With No Budget
Your patients love them, search engines love them, and your leadership loves them. With an increase of 19.8% in the amount of time spent watching videos last year, demand for video is mounting. And the retention rate for visual information can reach 65% (compared to 10% for text). By grabbing existing resources to highlight in-house experts, learn how a small marketing team produced hundreds of videos to cover population health, patient experience, physician features, social media and content marketing with no budget. From playlists for service lines to how to talk about unmentionables, discover how to be a video content hero.

  • Keith Whitworth, Director of Marketing, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)
  • Donna Hill, Marketing Strategist, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)

Mobile: The Just-In-Time Patient Educator
The Children’s Specialty Care Center of St. Louis Children’s Hospital had three communication challenges: (1) reaching parents prior to surgeries and procedures, (2) preparing the family and patient for the before- and after-care, and (3) keeping parents updated during surgery and recovery. Creating a mobile SurgeryConnect app was the answer. Learn how SurgeryConnect was designed—from conception to release—to solve the center’s challenges while nurturing a “connection” with patients and families, and also producing a positive ROI.

  • Vicki Rhomberg, Manger of Surgical Services, St. Louis Children's Hospital
  • Susan Altman, Chief Operating Officer, Self Care Decisions


Making the Most of Social Media: Managing Crisis and Improving Outreach
How can social media truly help your organization grow and improve its image? Kathy Wilets and Libby Mitchell from University of Utah Health Care will discuss how Twitter and Facebook can be your best friends in times of crisis, even when the trolls come calling. They also will discuss mobilizing physicians and staff on social media to get the optimal outreach. You'll learn how the organization used transparency and engagement to go from zero to hero in just 48 hours.

  • Libby Mitchell, Social Media Coordinator, University of Utah Health Care
  • Kathy Wilets, Associate Director of Media Relations, University of Utah Health Care

What You Need To Know In Digital Advertising Best Practices and Insights
Several case studies from UC Davis Health will illustrate how best to use digital display, video, mobile and social ads to maximize audience reach and traffic to your landing pages. These case studies will reveal: 1) Which sites/platforms yield the highest performance metrics and how to effectively use each. 2) How to reach diverse audiences online with sites and networks geared toward those populations. 3) How to create true integrated marketing between paid and organic social media. 4) What topline metrics are most meaningful and how to avoid apples to oranges comparisons across platforms.

  • Doreen Pichotti, Digital Marketing & Media Strategist, UC Davis Health System

Patient Pathways: Using Digital Media to Hyperfocus on the Right Patients in Real Time
When is digital media most effective? What are the proven models for success? New programmatic media can create a digital pathway to target specialty referrals and track patient conversions. Learn how to utilize inpatient case counts by ZIP Code to develop Brand Development and Category Development Indices (BDI/CDI) to align media dollars to best growth opportunities. Presenters will address HIPAA compliance and the limitations of the technology. Finally, participants will engage with a case study that shows media strategies and creative that performed best and why.

  • Daniel, Cobb, CEO, DBA
  • Cayce Hoak, Director, Branding and Strategic Communication, University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System


Telehealth as a Rural Business Development Strategy
This session discusses telehealth as a rural outreach business development strategy for hospitals and health systems, and demonstrates how the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) built and operates its successful Center for Telehealth. In over half of Mississippi counties, patients must drive more than 40 minutes to receive specialty health care. Using online video technology, UMMC provides remote medical care and public health services through its Center for Telehealth, offering telemedicine, wellness care, disaster response, workforce and business development, research, and health education throughout the state. Since the program began in 2003, the telehealth services have helped more than half a million rural Mississippians in need.

  • Michael Adcock, Administrator, Center for Telehealth, University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Jeff Cowart, Senior Vice President of Market Development and Public Affairs, University Health System

Virtual Visits: Are Consumers Buying Into Health Care Delivered Through A Mobile Device?
Reid Health launched a branch of its telemedicine program in late 2015 and introduced virtual urgent care visits via a platform known as Reid HealthNOW. This platform offers a new avenue for access to care and is available 24/7/365 by downloading a free app and creating an account. This case study will examine a year of data and include reports on internal marketing efforts to Reid Health's 2500 employees, as well as external marketing efforts within Reid's designated service area and beyond, by targeting prospects throughout Indiana and Ohio.

  • Judi Willett, Director of Marketing & Community Relations, Reid Health
  • Kerry Maloney, Multi-Media Strategist, Cox Digital Marketing-Healthcare Solutions

Connected for the Cure: How Susan G. Komen Uses Virtual Reality to Save Real Lives
Find out how Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City developed a unique and emotionally charged virtual reality experience that puts users into the avatar of a real-life breast cancer survivor. Discover how interactive health care educational technology can be leveraged to impact target audiences with actionable messaging and possibly save lives at the same time.

  • Carli Good, Executive Director, Susan G. Komen – Greater Kansas City
  • Bob Waddell, Account Supervisor, Muller Bressler Brown + hippo


Dare To Innovate: How to Retailize, Digitize, and “Consumerize” Health Care
Disruptive innovators take root at the bottom of the market and relentlessly move upmarket. Whether truly disruptive or more incremental, rarely before has the “dare to innovate” challenge been more prominent in health care. “Action-forward” leaders are prioritizing innovation and consumerism strategies. Learn about the hundreds of zigzag innovators advancing retail, digital and consumer solutions. Hear about Chicago-based AMITA Health’s retail health care strategy. See a demo of AMITA Health ✔, a mobile app that connects consumers and patients to AMITA Health care teams. Start building your strategy today to retailize, digitize and “consumerize” and be a leader changing health care.

  • Kim Athmann King, Founder & President, Strategy Advantage
  • Deborah Fullerton, VP & CMO, AMITA Health

Improve Patient Satisfaction with Hospital-Sponsored Online Support Groups
In an age of 24/7 access to online support groups, most hospitals only offer their patients traditional in-person meetings. However, a few health care organizations have begun to address this need. Using his new tracking list, Ed Bennett will review how it's done with examples from the best. Cynthia Floyd Manley will share Vanderbilt's experience running a large Facebook support group for their Bariatric patients.
Cynthia Floyd Manley, Integrative Messaging and Content Strategist, Strategic Marketing, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

  • Ed Bennett, Consultant, Ed Bennett Consulting

Thinking Outside of the Health Care Box; How Emerging Technology Will Impact Patient Experience
The world of interacting with your patients is on the verge of radical change. A revolution of emerging technologies is now a part of everyday life. Learn insights behind this vast space and how to apply digitial technologies to your brand and patient experience. Hear how Tufts Medical Center is using emerging technology to push patient experience in new directions.

  • Allison Wendorf, Manager of Public Affairs, Tufts Medical Center
  • Melissa Tait, Senior Vice President of Technology and Project Management, Primacy
  • Dagmara Scalise, Assistant Vice President of Account Management, Primacy

Putting Personalization into Practice
Targeted digital communications for marketing, population health, and fundraising is a powerful change sweeping health care. However, it requires new skills, capabilities, content, and governance. Tailoring the message to the user can be powerful and within our reach. How does the execution of a more personalized web and multi-channel communications experience impact digital operations? What are reasonable expectations to promote within your organization for these technologies? This session will establish a foundation for an exciting, but often superficially treated topic, with clear guidance and concrete tips.

  • Fredrick Plaza, Senior Digital Campaign Manager, Penn Medicine
  • John Berndt, Chief Executive Officer, TBG (The Berndt Group)

Using a Patient-Centered Approach for a System-Wide Website Redesign
Being a health system in “The Sweetest Place on Earth®” means living up to high customer experience expectations. To make its website as sweet as the town’s iconic chocolate bar, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center took a patient-centered approach when redesigning its web presence. In this session, hear how Penn State used patient input throughout the redesign and how those approaches influenced the design direction. Learn the basics of human-centered design and discuss lessons-learned from a redesign that included the websites of a health system, a children’s hospital, and a college of medicine.

  • Jerry Griffin, Director of Web and Digital Services, Penn State Hershey Medical Center
  • Matt Hummel, President, Red Privet, LLC


Designing Dynamic Digital Communication for a Changing Health Care Market
Health care is in a period of dramatic transformation. New care models, disruptive technologies, personalized medicine, and alternative payment models are all challenging the conventional thinking of patients and practitioners—and driving them to seek credible sources of information to navigate this change. In late 2016, Mayo Medical Laboratories, the global outreach arm of Mayo Clinic's Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, launched "Insights", an online hub publication to address changing market needs. This session will share our journey, both the successes and mistakes, and be delivered as a case study and template that our colleagues can use to toward tailored communication change.

  • Andrew Cousin, Director of Maarketing and Product Management, Mayo Medical Laboratories, Mayo Clinic
  • Andrew Tofilon, Marketing Segment Manger, Mayo Medical Laboratories
  • Brent Westra, Segment Manager, Mayo Medical Laboratories

Marcom to Martech: What CMOs Must Do to Succeed in 2017 and Beyond
The technology landscape changed immensely in 2016, and continues to race ahead in 2017. The more things change, the harder it is for marketers to keep up. In this session: gain an understanding of the evolutionary impact of transitioning from a MarCom to a MarTech focus; learn about current influencers of digital transformation, strategy and marketing and what CMOs must do well in 2017 to succeed; understand how these changes impact key responsibilities e.g., patient experience, revenue growth, brand management; and leave with a framework for using these changes to the benefit your organization.

  • Kathy Divis, President, Greystone.Net
  • Karen Corrigan, CEO, Corrigan Consulting

Standing Out In the Crowd: Tools and Techniques for Successful Blog-Driven Content Marketing
With more than 70 percent of internet users looking online for health care information, clinical marketing and communication professionals continue to feel the pressure to boost their organizations’ web and social media presence. Digital media gives everyone a soapbox and megaphone; while that gives organizations a captive audience with whom to communicate, it also means that it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out in a crowded space. It’s time to invest in a solid content marketing strategy – and one that is driven by a blog. Before you find yourself in a blogging blunder, let Augusta University Health guide you through.

  • Anna Aligood, Marketing Strategist, Augusta University Health
  • Emily Renzi, Senior Marketing Strategist, Augusta University Health

Effective Storytelling Through Digital Channels
Learn how one health system has made a rapid conversion from a traditional marketing platform to an integrated, digitally focused program.  With careful planning, in less than one yearLakeland Health introduced a super-search engine optimization tool, developed a new corporate website under a responsive platform, and launched a customer relationship management system to enhance patient wellness communications. All of these avenues need a continuous content flow to drive engagement. Learn how the health system improved the visitor experience through integrated health content, and built an award-winning internal videography department to leverage video to tell its story.

  • Megan Yore, Chief Communications Officer and Director of Marketing, Lakeland Health

Hospitals in the Age of Digital Storytelling
Now that you have a website, social media feeds, and an email program, you need to fill them with content that engages and activates your audience. This panel will provide insights on what makes for compelling engagement content, strategies for capturing and creating that content, tactics for growing your audience and evolving your program over time, and guidelines for respecting the patient's right to privacy in the process.

  • David Arrington, Chief Branding Officer, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Megan Stanley, Senior Digital Director, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
  • Rich Mintz, Executive Vice President, Blue State Digital
  • Katie Wiley, Vice President, Blue State Digital

Using Digital Strategies to Promote Better Choices Resulting In Healthier Communities
This session will provide an overview of a successful, innovative Community Wellness program. Primary funding was facilitated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC.) The program targets a variety of neighborhoods throughout the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois. These neighborhoods are composed of lower income families, highly diverse and in some cases victims of “food deserts.”  The communication strategies that will be presented are primarily digital, including online social media and advertising platforms, as well as various “community” focused activities. Clear and measurable objectives were established to better evaluate the impact of the communication program’s intent on changing behavior.

  • Randall (RJ) Jacobs, President, TAG Communications Inc.
  • Anne Spoden, Director of Digital Services, TAG Communications Inc.


Doctors to DJs: Using Audio to Put Your Physicians Center Stage
It started in 2013 with a guy and a portable recorder interviewing doctors about various health topics and then posting the interviews on SoundCloud. Today, has a library of nearly 2000 interviews and has turned into one of the biggest traffic drivers to University of Utah Health’s website. In this session, you’ll learn about, part of University of Utah Health’s content marketing strategy. You’ll get an overview of how they did it, find about some of the unexpected benefits, and learn how to get started using audio to achieve your goals.

  • Scot Singpiel, Communication Manger, University of Utah Health
  • Kathy Wilets, Director, Media Relations and Content Marketing, University of Utah Health

Growing Referrals Using Emerging Technologies
Accelerating growth begins with a robust referral community. This session will guide participants through the process of developing effective referring physician strategies and relationships. Through the experience of Henry Ford Health System, the presentation will highlight a case study featuring Henry Ford Transplant Institute’s referral strategies and infrastructure, which has solidified the health system as an industry leader. Participants will learn how Henry Ford developed and used multiple digital and emerging technologies to enhance communication with referring physicians and ease the patient referral process, including the use of smartphone apps.

  • Ara Telbelian, Director of Marketing and Brand Management, Henry Ford Health System
  • Daniel Cobb, Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Brian Advertising